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Zombie doppelganger Full-time Job

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Commander Gao immediately ordered, "Listen to the commanders at all levels. Now Ye Man has only half a day for him to deal with us. As long as we work together to get through this half a day, the geomantic omen will turn around. I believe that in the near future, Ye Man will fall into my hands. At that time, I will make sure that he can't survive or die!" The commanders looked at Commander Gao's gloomy and cunning face, all too frightened to speak, just whispering as yes-men. With that, Commander Gao began to laugh, as if victory was already in front of him, and Ye Man had already knelt down at his feet. The next moment, he suddenly came to his senses and stared straight at the commanders and shouted: "Damn it, all go to work. All stand here like a wooden man. Can the enemy retreat by himself?!" "Yes!" The commanders rushed to the front line one by one. The news of the half-day deadline soon spread throughout the Beihe Military Region. One hundred and fifty thousand soldiers and civilians in the entire military region were all red-faced and in high spirits. On the contrary, Ye Man's Tenglong Army's faces were filled with nervousness and anxiety. Only Ye Man was still talking and laughing lazily with Zhang Lin. Honey, it's only half a day. Do you think we can really take the North River Military Region? Zhang Lin took advantage of no one to embrace Ye Man's arm, kept shaking, and asked doubtfully. This question is very sensitive, Ye Man did not immediately answer, but turned around and hugged Zhang Lin into his arms. Dive into Zhang Lin's three thousand hair mercilessly sucked a few mouthfuls, impatient mood is finally calmed down. In fact, I do not know, you say a level 15 and a level 20 PK,Inflatable water park factory, a level 150 and a level 200 PK, the results of these two situations will be the same? Ye Man's whole body is attached to Zhang Lin's body, his hands are interested in Zhang Lin's buttocks on the circle at the same time, in the ear of Zhang Lin kept blowing mouth whispering. Zhang Lin knows almost nothing about games. If she is a cartoon character, she can draw a few. Zhang Lin can only bite her lip and shake her head. Ye Man smiled faintly, loosened Zhang Lin's body, and said in a circle: "In fact, the reason is very simple. Level 15 and level 20 are only different,Inflatable water obstacle course, and the fighting capacity of both sides is very low, so it's too close to call. But if the difference is level 50 and the level of damage is very high, it's not the same. Equipped well, the instant of speed can kill each other in seconds!" Zhang Lin immediately came to the interest, can instantly kill the enemy on the premise that the equipment is good enough, fast enough, these two points are precisely the gap between Beihe Military Region and Tenglong Base! Seeing Ye Man's answer, Zhang Lin's heart finally calmed down. Mencius once said that war is about the right time, the right place, and the right people. If the three things are available at the same time, such an army must be able to attack and win. Now Ye Man's army has mastered any and the right place, but this time is not easy to figure out, because he is not only the time to send troops, but also the time to start fighting! One hundred and fifty thousand soldiers and civilians of the Beihe Military Region have been waiting for it for a long time. The battle strategy of "five five five" seems to be moderate, but in fact there is a hidden mystery. There are fifty thousand people in the north, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, south, east and south. This distribution actually does not want Ye Man to know which direction of the Beihe Military Region is the weakest! The enemy can not see the actual situation, will certainly concentrate on one side or three sides at the same time, in short, there are many ways to play, but the "five-five-five" formation can handle all kinds of war situations with ease! Rumor has it that Gao Haishan is not only a scheming and cunning man, but also leads his troops to fight. The means is a family of its own. As soon as I see you today.. Sure enough, "looking at Commander Gao's hidden scheming, Ye Wei had to praise him, but at the same time, Ye Man laughed to himself. Everyone thought it was strange that since the enemy was very fierce, why could Commander Ye laugh?!"! This question has been bothering us for a long time, and we can't get the answer all the time. In a twinkling of an eye, we can see that three hours have passed. Half a day's time is only nine hours, Jiang Hanlong and others wanted to consult Ye Man's opinion, the result made them surprised, Ye Man actually disappeared! Ye Man, the supreme commander, has disappeared at this critical juncture! In order to stabilize the morale of the troops, Jiang Hanlong and others agreed with Tan Yaowei and Li Siwen that they would never let the news leak out, so they randomly chose a troop carrier and said that Commander Ye was resting inside, and specially sent a group of people to guard the two troop carriers. As soon as the soldiers saw this posture, they all decided that Ye Man was in the barracks, and on the troop carrier! Jiang Hanlong immediately told some trusted soldiers began to search for Ye Concubine in the middle of the army, hoping to find Ye Man dagger as soon as possible. These soldiers are Ye Man's confidants. Things are done quietly, but no matter how they look for it, they can't find the trace of Ye Man! This for a while can also muddle through, if in a few hours Ye Man does not appear, the whole situation is likely to be out of control, the soldiers want to read early in the morning to end the battle, after all, who don't want to be the target of the zombie attack, and two hundred thousand troops are too eye-catching, can be seen far away! What are you afraid of? When the soldiers saw that Ye Man did not appear to give orders, they were all impatient, and all the soldiers were swaying at their feet, eager to rush to the military region to take down the high lice order to end the battle! Not only the soldiers of Tenglong base do not understand why only half a day, half of the time has passed, but also do not order the attack! The soldiers of the Beihe Military Region don't understand! At first, they suspected that Ye Man had changed his combat strategy and was ready to withdraw his troops, but as soon as they looked, there were all people and armored vehicles outside the door, and there was no intention of retreating at all. Where did Commander Ye go? My little ancestor, please let me go and come out quickly! Jiang Hanlong was hurt by Ye Man, and the soldiers under his commander were a little angry. If he went on like this, he was really afraid that the situation would get out of control. Instead, he gave the Beihe Military Region a chance! "Jiang Zong,inflatable bounce house with slide, how is it? Have you seen the commander?". Tam Yiu-wai's figure is very flexible, constantly shuttling back and forth in the crowd. Can not see Ye Man, this does not meet Jiang Hanlong. He hurried up and asked. joyshineinflatables.com

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