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Zhen Tian Di Dao Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Diego   39 views
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 Moreover, the jade emperor opened this kind of bet, obviously is afraid of the imperial capital does not bet with him, so only with this bet to tempt the imperial capital, obviously, the jade emperor has absolute confidence, Lingxiao heaven will win, he must have known every step that Daqiong has gone through, know that Daqiong will not have a powerful army,gold heap leaching, so he has nothing to fear. How's it going? If you agree, I will make an oath with you. If I break the oath, I will be punished by heaven, and both form and spirit will be destroyed! The Jade Emperor said again. At this time, Daqiong Heaven has gathered around countless monks, all standing in the distance to watch, the Jade Emperor's words once again made the monks heart a shock, this has been like forcing the imperial capital to participate in gambling. All right, I said yes! So,mineral flotation, let's make a vow of heaven and start gambling. Emperor Jing took a look at the Jade Emperor and knew what the Jade Emperor was playing, but Emperor Jing did not expose it, but agreed to come down. The Jade Emperor smiled, as if he had breathed a sigh of relief in the dark, and then made an oath without hesitation. The imperial capital also made an oath to the way of heaven. There was a roar in the void, and the sound spread all over the world, proving that the way of heaven had approved their oath. All right, the oath has been made, you and I each choose one hundred million troops to come out, the quasi-saint master is not allowed to participate, only one side is completely destroyed or take the initiative to admit defeat can also determine whether to win or lose, all this has the way of heaven as evidence, can not be false. The Jade Emperor looked at the imperial capital and said. Okay, start in a quarter. Dijing nodded his head. Boom! In the middle of the army of Daqiong Heaven and Lingxiao Heaven, the light fell from the void in an instant, forming a light curtain. These light curtains formed a huge battlefield space, which was formed under the manipulation of Heaven. No one could interfere with it, portable gold wash plant ,coltan ore processing, even the saints could not enter it. In the army of Lingxiao Heaven, the Jade Emperor waved his hand and pointed out one hundred million troops. A full hundred million demon clan sent out a loud roar and worshipped the imperial capital. The sudden appearance of the army held everyone, did not think of the big Joan and hidden army, big Joan's many courtiers is also a surprise, because even they do not know the existence of these demon clan,tin beneficiation plant, although know that there is a demon legion, but today the demon legion is guarding in the big Joan heaven, these are obviously not the soldiers of the demon legion. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Skill Supreme of the Other World