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Wasteland Survivor Full-time Job

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However, Liu Jianfei had long anticipated such a situation. At the moment when he jumped to the highest point and began to fall, he stretched his feet heavily on the wall and immediately raised the distance by more than one meter. His hands stretched out to cover the eaves of the small building. With the help of the place, the next thing is much easier to do, Liu Jianfei's body lightly turned over, has been lying on the roof. This whole. The process only took a few seconds, and when the lazy bodyguard returned to his post, Liu Jianfei had already crossed the other side's cordon without being noticed. Perhaps because of vanity, Zhou Hu's residence is one higher than all the buildings in Guse Town. This just provides a lot of convenience for Liu Jianfei. As long as he doesn't stand up and walk around on the roof, other people can't find someone on Zhou Hu's roof crawling carefully on the roof. Liu Jianfei urges him to investigate the situation in the house. Liu Jianfei quickly determined that there were only two people on the second floor of the small building. That petite nature is Su Lingxue, another stupid fat as a pig is not Zhou Hu or who to come? As Liu Jianfei expected, Zhou Hu had Su Lingxue, a new plaything, and sent all the bodyguards downstairs, planning to have a good time with her. Speaking of Zhou Hu today's mood is really good, he went out in the morning to inspect his own industry,Manual Flush Valve, net good to see Su Lingxue and a townsman in the street pull pull pull. Zhou Hu felt curious and went close to listen to the excitement, which made him hear the opportunity. It turned out that the townspeople insisted that Su Lingxue had stolen something from him and wanted to take the little girl to see his boss Li Ruolan and deal with it according to the town rules. Twilight Town stipulates that anyone who catches a thief should cut off his hand, which Zhou Hu naturally knows. He immediately came forward as a manager and took Su Lingxue directly back to his residence. In the face of such a beautiful girl, Zhou Hu is certainly not willing to cut off her hand, but there are many other things to do. At this time, Su Lingxue was tied to Zhou Hu's big bed in a big font,stainless steel toilet, and the red rope with the thickness of her little finger tied the little girl so firmly that she could not even move. The ropes were so tight that the girl's figure curve was completely exposed. In particular, Su Lingxue's crisp chest, which was already particularly plump, became even more prominent when she was strangled by the red rope. Coupled with the petite figure of the little girl and the lovely appearance of the porcelain doll, Zhou Hu's heart soon rose a tyrannical impulse, just want to bully and insult her to vent the abnormal desire in his heart. Hey, little girl, uncle is here! Stretched out his fat hand and touched Su Lingxue's pretty doll face. Zhou Hu couldn't help laughing and said, "Be good and have fun with uncle. Maybe uncle won't cut off your hand when he's happy!" Su Lingxue was angry and afraid when she went out early in the morning and was vilified as a thief, and now she fell into the hands of this perverted fat man. Seeing Zhou Hu's fat hand touching his face, the cold and soft feeling was like a snake crawling over his face, stainless steel shower tray ,Time Delay Faucet, and the little girl involuntarily shivered. At this time, Su Lingxue's stubbornness also came up. He turned his head and bit Zhou Hu's fat finger. Su Lingxue only wanted not to let the bad guy be so proud, and this heavy bite would never let go again. The so-called ten fingers even heartache, even if the meat on Zhou Hu's fingers is more than others, at this time it is also painful to grin and cry out. But now there are only two people on the second floor, but no one will come to help Zhou Hu. One of his hands was bitten by Su Lingxue and could not move, so he freed his other hand to fan the little girl's face heavily. This lecherous fat man has always been a master who likes to force flowers with his hands, and dozens of women have been abused to death by him. At this time, under the severe pain, Zhou Hu naturally showed no mercy. Two heavy slaps hit Su Lingxue's pretty face, and half of the little girl's cheek immediately swelled up, and a trace of blood oozed from the corners of her mouth. Under the violent shock, Su Lingxue had to relax. Zhou Hu pulled out his hand to see that a few deep teeth marks on his fingers had been faintly bloodshot, and he was surprised and angry. Looking at the stubborn Su Lingxue, Zhou Hu grinned grimly and said, "I didn't expect you to be strong. Well, I *** you today. Let's see where you can be strong!"! Hundred million As soon as this sentence was spoken, Zhou Hu reached out to pull the rope tied to Su Lingxue. These ropes are tied in a slipknot, so he naturally pulled the rope tight, so that the little girl's already very plump figure looks more prominent. Zhou Hu, who saw this scene, was also greatly satisfied and tightened the rope more forcefully to satisfy his abnormal hobby. Zhou Hu was satisfied, but Su Lingxue suffered a lot. She only felt the rope on her body wrapped around her like a fishing net. Even breathing became difficult. The pain of suffocation made the little girl gasp involuntarily, and her pretty face began to turn very pale. Ha ha, I like it! Su Lingxue's painful appearance made Zhou Hu even more excited. He let out a smirk and then extended his fat paws to the little girl's high and protruding breasts. Liu Jianfei turned in from the window at this time, and the scene in front of him made him eager and angry. He rushed to Zhou Hu's side with an arrow. Lift one foot and kick the fat man out. On this foot, Liu Jianfei exerted eight points of strength, but Zhou Hu was as fat as a pig, weighing at least two hundred pounds, and was kicked several meters away by his foot, and then fell heavily to the ground with a "bang". The strength of this foot is not very heavy, after the fall of Zhou Hu only feel chest stuffy and dizzy, for a moment even can not speak out. Although the bodyguards downstairs heard the sound of his landing, they all knew that the boss liked to play some strange tricks, so no one took it to heart. The two bodyguards still sighed in their hearts, feeling that it was a pity that such a delicate little girl had been killed by the boss. Liu Jianfei upstairs kicked Zhou Hu,stainless steel squatting pan, and then immediately relaxed the rope he had tightened. Su Lingxue, who was gasping with her eyes closed, suddenly felt that she could breathe again. She opened her eyes with some curiosity. The little girl never thought that she would see Liu Jianfei's smiling face as soon as she opened her eyes. cnkexin.com

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