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Wan Qing Si Volume 4 Jueshi Chapter Full-time Job

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The pain in my heart is expanding, expanding, and the boundless pain seems to swallow me up. I thought I would not shed tears again, but there was hot and humid liquid flowing down my cheeks from the corner of my eyes, and suddenly there was a scarlet between heaven and earth. Someone came to pull me, someone was screaming, I just threw myself on the coffin of Yun Zheng, calling my dear Yun Zheng. Suddenly, the back of my head was hit hard, the blood red in front of my eyes turned into a dark curtain, and my consciousness gradually drifted away. I heard someone calling, "Ye Yatou", "Young Lady", "Sister-in-law", "Sister", 'Huahua', 'Lady Ronghua', and even "Cher". I didn't want to care who he was.. Because there is no longer the sound of "Ye Er" that I would like to wake up for. Yun Zheng, I want to find you, whether in heaven or in hell, don't be angry with me, let me be capricious this time, Nuoer has grandpa, uncle, they will take good care of him. Yun Zheng, take me away, no matter where you go, turn into wind or cloud, please take me with you. However, people have the shackles of the body, can not fly to the place where the soul wants to go. How you do not want to go, but your body,cosmetic plastic tube, helplessly weakened, how I want to find you, but my soul can not break away from this body gradually restored to sanity. Gradually, I can feel someone to help me feel the pulse, someone to give me medicine, but I, unlike the postpartum hemorrhage when you stay by the side, do not want to try to open their eyes. I want to be more deeply silent in the dark, want to find your light in the dark. Until I felt a warm little body lying on top of me and began to cry. My heart suddenly twitched, my Nuoer. I opened my eyes and looked at Nuoer, whom I had only seen once since she was born. He lay on my chest,metal cosmetic tubes, looked at me curiously, and stopped crying. Eyes shrouded in a layer of reddish, the heart of joy and pain convulsions, he and Yun Zheng, too much like, although Nuoer is still so small, but the outline of the face, beautiful appearance, clear eyes, focused look, almost exactly the same as Yun Zheng. I hugged him and refused to let go. Yun Zheng, you are determined not to take me away, because you know that Nuoer will be my salvation, right? I miss you in the dead of night, review the days and nights with you over and over again. After I no longer feel the pain of tearing my heart and lungs, I begin to thank rather than resent God. I finally understand that God treats me well. He can't give a person too much happiness. In my last life, I have seen so many couples, or turned against each other, or parted ways, or strange bedfellows, or just partners in life, pots and pans, plastic laminted tube ,pump tube, stumbling, quarreling, how many people really stay together for love for a lifetime. In this life, men with a little money and power are mostly three wives and four concubines. I can't go with a bunch of women to rob a man who can't belong to me completely. Today I have deep feelings for me and tomorrow I will go with other wives and concubines. I can't stand it. And Yun Zheng, his heart, so flawless and priceless heart, actually belongs to me completely, how lucky, I am his first love and only. From a tearful exchange of hearts to a Frank understanding and tolerance of life experience, we worked hand in hand in the face of the court and rivers and lakes. He sheltered me from the wind and rain. Even if it was a wish I had not said, he would try his best to help me realize it. When I was in a coma, he neglected me and was willing to live and die with me, but when he left, he only wanted me to live well. Except for his illness, he never made me angry or sad. Even in his illness, he was always afraid of my worries and endured the pain alone. He did not want me to take risks for him. I, Ye Haihua, an ordinary woman, once had a husband like this, what more could he ask for. I and his way, only beautiful, no regrets. Perhaps it is fortunate, if there is no black dragon jade, not prompted me to Cangdu all encounters, I would not have met him; perhaps it is unfortunate, if I can meet him earlier, he can solve the evil earlier, or I did not bleed after the birth, life will be different? Unfortunately, there are no ifs in life and no answers to my questions. But I know that I am not alone, I will never be alone, he is in my heart, always as elegant as when I first saw him, as real as when I was lingering, as fresh as when I looked at each other, it seems that as soon as I reach out, I can touch his handsome and gentle face and hold his long and cool fingers. There was no need to worry about his illness any more. I gently told him about the people and things I met every day and told him every bit of Nuoer's growth. Thinking about the days and nights I spent with him, his sincere promises and beautiful lies with me, his banter and teasing with him, and his tender love for me, I often fell asleep with a smile in my mouth, but when I woke up, I didn't know when to wet my pillow towel with tears. Sister, Hou Fu has arrived. When Xiao Hong saw me holding Nuoer in a daze, she called me softly, and I came to my senses. Xiaohong was received by the old man in the capital, probably because he was afraid that I would take things too hard after Yun Zheng left, and wanted to be accompanied by someone I was familiar with. In fact, I had to admit that the old man was actually quite good to me, and did not despise me because I lost the value of use. Huiniang, Nuoer's wet nurse, reached out and tried to take Nuoer from my arms. Nuoer clung to my neck and shouted, "Niang, hug, Niang..." Not long after Nuoer opened his mouth to speak, he can only say some single words now. I remember the first time I heard him call out "Niang" in his mouth, my tears could not stop, and I was nagged by Xiaohong for a long time. I soothingly patted Nuoer on the back and said to Huiniang, "It's all right. I'll hold him." "But the young lady's eyes." Huiniang looked at me worriedly and hesitated to speak. I smiled: "I hold Nuoer, you hold my arm, not all can not see." My eyes, on the day of Yun Zheng's burial, shed blood and tears. When I woke up, my eyes were always covered with a layer of hazy red, and everything I saw was red. My eyesight gradually became very poor, Xiaohong and they were very close to me, so I could see their appearance clearly. Now Mr. Fu has become my doctor, treating my eyes, but he can only control my eyesight from getting worse. After getting off the bus,empty cosmetic tubes, Yun Yi came up to meet him and said, "Madam, you have worked hard." emptycosmetictubes.com

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