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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155550 Full-time Job

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Is it true or not that refining a seed of mind can promote cultivation so much? Kuo Chong grinned, obviously not quite believing Chen Feng's words, because there were too many kinds of thoughts on the ground, and there were millions of resentful spirits destroyed by the two of them along the way. So many kinds of thoughts, if they were really like what Chen Feng said, wouldn't his cultivation be as much as a million years out of thin air? Chen Feng is also puzzled, although he also does not believe, but the pure ascension of Buddhism is real, it seems that if you want to know the answer, only continue to refine the mind will know. Thinking of this, Chen Feng no longer hesitated, stretched out his hand again, picked up a kind of mind on the ground, and immediately moved his mind, released a strong Zen meaning, and surrounded the kind of mind. With the passage of time, with the experience of the last time, Chen Feng's speed of refining the seeds of thought has obviously improved a lot. About a cup of tea, Chen Feng refines the seeds of thought in his hands, and the seeds disappear. Childe, how about this time? Is Xiu Wei improving again? Kuo Chong saw Chen Feng open his eyes again and asked hurriedly. Chen Feng nodded and said thoughtfully, "Well, it has indeed increased, but it is not as obvious as before!" Whoo,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Kuo Chong Wen Yan, the heart finally has some comfort, if this refining one, repair for more than a year of growth, that Chen Feng this boy, is too much against the sky. Chen Feng sat cross-legged, staring at the Nian Zhong beside him in a daze. He was very puzzled. The Nian Zhong he had just refined was much larger than the one he had refined for the first time, and the evil spirit flying out of the Nian Zhong was much stronger than before. But why was this promotion obviously not as significant as the first one? "Strange!" Chen Feng shook his head, puzzled,ultrasonic molten metal, he always felt as if he had gone astray somewhere, but for a moment he could not think of a clue. Childe, what on earth can't you figure out? Kuo Chong leans against the body of a towering ancient tree, and after this period of rest, his physical strength has returned to normal. I always feel that everything in the world must have rules to follow, but today, I seem to have some enlightenment but very ignorant, it seems that I can not see clearly in general! Chen Feng rubbed his head and looked at the Shinto. Can't see clearly? What do you mean? Kuo Chong was disturbed by resentment all day long. He was really bored. Now he saw Chen Feng's puzzled face and asked hurriedly. Why is it that the Dharma refines and recites the essence of the mind for further study? Why is it that after the refining of the second seed, the effect of cultivation is obviously weaker than that of the first one? You know, the seed I'm looking for the second time is much bigger than the first one, and the evil things flying out of the seed are far more powerful than the first one. Chen Feng murmured, puzzled to reach out and pick up the ground to read and watch. Hearing Chen Feng's words, Kuo Chong also chose silence, his eyes rolling in his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking. Childe, can we understand it as. Dharma and evil spirit are mutually restraining, so if you eliminate them, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic handheld welder, your cultivation will increase. The main reason why the effect of the second one is not as significant as the first one is that you already have some kind of resistance in your body, so the effect is not as significant as the first one! Kuo Chong said weakly, after all, Kuo Chong is also a monk of the Great Emperor, whose understanding and wisdom are far from comparable to others, and the degree of insight into the situation is much better than others. Chen Feng listened to Kuo Chong's words, slightly stupefied, in fact, he had just thought about these, but Chen Feng felt that this should not be the case. If according to what Kuo Chong said, then the monks who are proficient in the way of fire, do not need to practice all day, directly refine the water vapor, will not soon make great progress? Such a statement, I am afraid that everyone is the emperor, everyone is God, so this statement, does not make sense! However, I have really made a lot of progress in my cultivation. What's going on. Chen Feng bowed his head and thought hard. As he thought about it, Chen Feng suddenly realized what he had said. His face stiffened and he immediately said in ecstasy, "I.." I get it. I get it. The Buddhist Dharma guides people to do good. The so-called "save oneself, save others, and save the world" is the only way to achieve great perfection. Nian Zhong is the filth of the resentful spirit. He refines himself to release their obsessions. It turns out that the promotion of the Buddhist Dharma is not how to practice at all, but a Bodhisattva's heart of compassion for heaven and people. This is the true meaning of the Buddhist Dhamma and the true meaning of Guanyin Tomb.. " Volume I 219. At the foot of the Holy Mountain 219. At the foot of the Holy Mountain In the dark night, on the top of the dark mountain, the night sky is dotted with silver light, like countless stars. In the countless silver light, Chen Feng sits cross-legged, closes his eyes tightly, and is surrounded by golden light, accompanied by countless silver lights, like a sacred Buddha sitting on the top of all living beings. Silver stars twinkled, regularly and gently encircling, breaking one from time to time, and the black mist flew out of the silver light and soon disappeared on the lonely peaks. With the disappearance of the black fog, Chen Feng's sacred breath became more and more intense, and the whole person looked like an elegant and hazy feeling, as if it was just an illusion that did not exist, mysterious and incomparable. Not far from Chen Feng's side, Kuochong stood quietly, gazing at Chen Feng sitting with his eyes closed, filled with emotion in his heart, sighing at the injustice of heaven. Since Chen Feng discovered the true meaning of Buddhism that day, the whole person seemed to be detached and became mysterious. Whenever he was with him, he would inexplicably feel an infinite pressure from the soul. But the root of this pressure is not that Chen Feng intentionally releases some kind of pressure, but that Chen Feng will bring a comfortable and quiet feeling to people invisibly. As long as he is within a few miles of Chen Feng, it is as comfortable as bathing in the spring breeze, but this feeling that even his own emotions can not be controlled, But it made Kuo Chong, as the emperor, feel unusually uncomfortable and frightened. Is simply a freak, Xiuxian but a hundred years, Xiuwei has been so terrible! Kuo Chong bitterly scolded in a low voice, and immediately his face dimmed. He had set foot on Xiuxian for thousands of years,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but compared with the young boy in front of him, Xiuwei was a million miles away. And according to his own visual observation, I'm afraid this boy's Xiuwei has broken through the realm of the emperor and reached the legendary state of confusion. fycgsonic.com

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