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Tomb of God (fine collation) Full-time Job

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Chen Dong, I know you are about to embark on the road to heaven. How about we get together before we go? I heard that Xuanzang and Qianlong were not dead, so I asked them to come over and have a meal together. I'll see you off. I don't have the ability to fight in heaven. I am only suitable for waving the flag and shouting for you in the back. This time, we must find a wife for Xuanzang's old bald head, or we can't let him go on the road to heaven. Nangongyin's lascivious style is the same as before. This makes Chen Dong can not help but sigh with emotion, even if the repair for the sky and how? Of all the friends he knew, the happiest one was Nangong Yin, who was not very strong in cultivation, and the most natural and unrestrained one was the prostitute. Episode 47 Chapter 11 Final Farewell Clouds and mists were surging and rosy clouds were swirling around. Above the sea of clouds, Chen Dong was filled with emotion. He laughed and said, "You are really comfortable, brother. This is a true realm. I can't compare with you." Nangong Yin also laughed: "I have long said that I can not beat you, but in other ways you are far inferior to me.". I am charming and elegant, the peerless handsome man absolutely wants to live in a natural and unrestrained way, absolutely wants to live in a carefree way, this day his love is not extinguished, this place his love is not broken, as long as I have been carefree and happy enough. Although Chen Dong does not recognize this kind of degenerate self-exile happiness, Nangong Yin's free and easy life is still enviable. All right, call Xuanzang, call Qianlong, and gather all the acquaintances of our generation. Chen Dong laughed, somewhat hysterically, and all kinds of boredom in his heart seemed to be going out. Ok, you summon Qianlong and Xuanzang, and I will summon some friends. However, we can't compare with you. We are just ordinary immortals now. We won't participate in the six wars any more. The world is no longer what we used to be. Now we can only cheer for you. Although Nangong Yin is free and easy, but now also can not help but have a bit of loss, also used to be the younger generation of the man of the hour, but in the great era, not to mention the immortals in the sky, is the ancient era of trolls and ancient gods have jumped out, such as him in the same generation of outstanding figures,die casting parts, has long been attributed to the mortal world. In the vast river of history, there are countless outstanding people, such as the younger generation of boys. How many people can break free, surge to the top of the big wave, and compete with the ancient gods? Had it not been for a good sister, he would have died when the six realms collapsed. He is now this kind of free and easy, also is not a kind of helpless self-exile, which man does not want to be vigorous. Be a hero in life and a ghost hero after death, which is a dream that all men have had. The blue lotus flower is surging, and the solemn monk Xuanzang is coming from afar. His sacred and violable temperament and his extraordinary charm make people really think that the holy Buddha has come. This blood monk can really pretend. Nangong Yin underestimated. Chen Dong nodded with the same feeling and said, "If I hadn't seen him eat dog meat with relish, I wouldn't have been frightened by him." "Ow." In the distance, there was a long howl. Zijin Shenlong is surging with purple gas all over the sky, flying with purple clouds. Although he has shed the body of Tianlong, his habits have not changed. I saw Xuanzang from a distance. He burst out laughing and said, "I'll treat you to dog meat today, Bald Xuanzang.". Drink liquor and pick up beautiful girls! "How dare you?" A beautiful shout sounded beside Zijin Shenlong, DIN screw plug ,Magnetic Drain Plug, and Silver Dragon Jiasili pinched his ear. Whoo.. Let go. If I don't let go, I'll get Old Long Kunde drunk every day. Now he can't compete with me in terms of skill, and he's a loser in terms of capacity for liquor. How dare you! My father is your father, and you must respect him. Chen Dong is a little dumbfounded. This After all, Zijin Shenlong and Yinlong Jiasili are still together. Presumably that old tyrant Kun De can only stare at Zijin Shenlong now. Monk Xuanzang, still with a solemn look on his cloud head, smiled at the purple and gold dragon and said, "My Buddha is merciful.". Good, good, good. Almsgiver, you are in good shape. "My hair!" In the distance, someone responded to Xuanzang's name, saying, "Monk, you are in physiognomy, too." The dragon sings and the phoenix sings. A golden dragon and a colorful phoenix are chasing each other in the sky. It is the baby dragon and the little phoenix. "Oh yeah, little Douding has grown up and needs a beautiful woman." The purple and gold dragon howled and laughed. The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious! Chen Dong smiled. The baby dragon flew quickly, and a dragon wagged its tail, and with a bang, the Zijin Shenlong flew away. Although has grown up, the mind gradually mature, but the dragon baby God stick true colors still do not change, extremely serious way: "God said, loach you will have nine children, nine children, children are different, none like you." "Bah!" "The dragon gives birth to nine sons, but the sons are different," said Zijin Shenlong angrily? Don't pretend to be a magic stick! "I wish I had nine children," he muttered discontentedly. "But it doesn't matter. I've already prepared the names of nine children. It's enough.". "Ba Xia, Pu Lao, Ji Kiss, Mocking Wind, Prisoner Ox, Negative, Jieyan, how nice it sounds!" "I'm going to die!" Jiasili pinched Zijin Shenlong hard. A figure flashed in the distant sky. A middle-aged man with a long beard fluttered. His tall figure was very burly. It was summoned by Nangong Yin. Chen Dong and the man were opposite for a long time before he said, "I haven't seen the little devil for a long time." "Yes, long time no see!" Huntian little devil was filled with emotion, once with Chen Dong life and death, two people in those years for the same, but now everything is not like before, the former enemy has not been in the same level with him. Life experience, let a person sigh with emotion. Hey hey, you two don't discharge, are men, don't be so ambiguous, OK? Nangong Yin burst out laughing and said, "Now, it's impossible for you to fight. Even if you want to fight, you can't. Xiang Tian, the little devil, is already my children's in-laws. Now we are all friends." The tea in Chen Dong's mouth almost spurted out, and the two of them became children's in-laws. The world is changeable and unpredictable. In the distance,CNC machining parts, another tall figure flew in. His white hair was like snow, and his skin was like jade. He looked at Chen Dong for a long time before he said, "Life is like a dream!" autoparts-dx.com

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