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The Phantom of the Other World Full-time Job

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Brbr "Are you really so sure that Long Tian and I are the biggest suspects?" Yi Feng has no doubt about Qi Rou's intelligence quotient, but he will not admit this fact even if he is killed. At this time, Qi Rou just suspects that it has changed so much. If it is confirmed, what will it be? Brbr "Would you believe me if I told you that I had nothing to do with your father's death?" Yi Feng also looked directly at Qi Rou. Brbr "Letter!" Yi Feng was stunned by what Qi Rou said, and she continued to say, "With your means, even if you can't get rid of it, you can push it clean.". So even if I say I don't believe it, you can come up with a lot of evidence. Hearing Qirou's words, Yi Feng couldn't help smiling bitterly and had to admit that the woman in front of him was no longer the simple and lovely woman who was easy to be cheated. At this time of Qi soft change of too thorough, thorough let Yi Feng for it heartache, and a little chilling! Brbr "Believe it or not!"! I just want to tell you that your father's death really has nothing to do with me! Yi Feng is not a fool, because Qi Rou this sentence admitted that her father's death had something to do with him, and completely out, he clenched his teeth to lie to the end. BrbrQirou smiled, the smile is very beautiful, but let Yi Feng can not find the kind of feeling in the past: "What is the relationship between believe and not believe!"! At least the father will never live again! BrbrYi Feng suddenly hugged Qi Rou tightly,titanium machining parts, as if to melt Qi Rou into the body, Yi Feng's powerful force caused pain to Qi Rou, but the woman in front of him did not frown. Brbr "I'd rather you slapped me twice now than be like this!" Yi Feng roared in a low voice. BrbrQirou shook her head and said, "No!"! I like you! It's doomed that I can't beat you! Brbr "I like you!" Very direct a few words, but from the beginning said a word will blush in the mouth of the woman, with such a flat tone,Investment casting parts, as if to say a meaningless nonsense to say, let Yi Feng feel his heart was severely corrected up, Yi Feng felt he was a little breathless, there is no woman after the kind of joy and vanity. BrbrYi Feng did not say a word, just holding Qirou, burying his head in her hair, smelling her hair, feeling the muscle. The heat from the touch of skin. BrbrQirou is encircled by Yi Feng, her hands are also encircled on Yi Feng's back, and her head is buried in Yi Feng's chest. Brbr "I don't like you!"! I just love you! BrbrFaint voice from inside Yi Feng mouth, and not too big tone, but let Qirou for a shock, socket screw plug ,Stainless steel foundry, then the body immediately soft down. Brbr "But I hate you just the same!" Qirou slightly pushed Yi Feng away, picked up Yi Feng's head, and looked straight at Yi Feng with loving eyes and said. Brbr "I will make you forget your hatred. Come back to Jingxin City with me!" Yi Feng looked at Qi Rou and said with burning eyes. BrbrQirou smiled and pushed Yi Feng away and took out a gold coin from his bosom. Yi Feng naturally saw that it was the gold coin that was handed over to Qirou by Long Tianmu at that time. There is a Yi carved on it, do you know? I carry this gold coin with me all the time! Said Qirou with a smiling face. BrbrYi Feng felt his heart shake a few times, looking straight at Qirou, waiting for Qirou's answer. Brbr "I can feel its coldness every day, and then be warmed slowly by my body temperature, and have the same temperature as me.". Because I am Qi Rou, and it is Yi Feng! Qi Rou is willing to become one with Yi Feng! Speaking of this, Qirou smiled at Yi Feng and continued, "Even though Yi Feng bullies Qirou every day, Qirou is equally happy.". Just like this gold coin, although it is cold at first, it can still feel warm after that. Yi Feng bullied Qi Rou, this is the feeling, although angry at that time, but after the aftertaste. BrbrYi Feng still did not speak, quietly listening to Qi Rou said. Brbr "Qirou is easy to satisfy, just a hug, even holding her hand, can make her happy for a long time!" Brbr "Yi Feng is willing to give everything to Qi Rou!" Yi Feng said beside him. BrbrQirou looked at Yi Feng and shook her head and said, "Qirou is the delicate Qirou, but now Qirou is the one who will reach the peak.". Perhaps Yi Feng has not changed, but Qi Rou has changed, some things have changed, they can never go back. BrbrYi Feng shook his head and said, "You haven't tried. How do you know you can't go back?" Brbr "Because I don't want to wake up one day and look at the man next to me and pull out the dagger and stab him!" Qirou looked straight into Yi Feng's eyes and said careless words with a smile. BrbrYi Feng felt that his heart was scratched by something, as if everything had been lost, and it was empty. Brbr "If so, I am willing to take your dagger!" Yi Feng whispered. Brbr "But I don't want to!"! I'd rather live in a world where I hate you than ruin Qirou's dream! Said Qirou lightly. BrbrThis Hu, let Yi Feng feel the bottom of his heart hit the rice like a bottle, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty together with his heart. Brbr "I am willing to let you stay by my side and hate me, even if one day you really give me a dagger.". I am willing to let you stay by my side and slowly dilute your hatred! Yi Feng looked directly at Qi Rou and said. Brbr "I can't do it!" Qirou shook her head, "I can't face you every day!" Brbr "What if I force you in front of me?" Yi Feng shouted in a low voice. Brbr "Then I can't do it to you, then I'll give myself a dagger!" Said Qirou lightly. BrbrThis sentence makes Yi Feng's overbearing disappear completely. Brbr "You go!"! Qirou is no longer the Qirou you used to be! Qirou held the gold coin and said,deep draw stamping, "I will always carry this gold coin with me!" BrbrYi Feng opened his mouth but didn't say anything after all. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Even if you are not the same as Qi Rou before, I don't want you to put your life above practice.". autoparts-dx.com

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