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The Great Hero of Death Full-time Job

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"Oh, very good.". Your current strength can also be regarded as first-class in the world of corpses and souls. The breakthrough of the power of law is not urgent. I have been stagnating for a long time at the peak of Mahayana. What you have to do now is to accumulate strength and experience constantly, and you can break through with only one opportunity. Chen Xiuyuan was surprised when he heard Asido's words, but then he praised Asido with relief. Chen Xiuyuan also did not expect that Asido could so quickly integrate the power of the law into his swordsmanship, knowing that Chen Xiuyuan had barely mastered the use of this in constant fighting. After hearing Chen Xiuyuan's words, Asido did not show much complacency, but pride was inevitable. But you can't be proud. You should know that there are many people who are stronger than you in the world of corpses and souls. If you are proud and complacent now, you won't know how to die. When Chen Xiuyuan saw Asidor's proud expression, he said to Asidor lightly. After hearing Chen Xiuyuan's words, Asido did not say anything, but his proud expression was not restrained. Come here again tomorrow. I want to see what level you have reached now. Go back now, but tomorrow morning tell all the Vastods to come to the conference hall. I have something to announce. When Chen Xiuyuan saw Asido's expression, he knew that Asido obviously did not listen to his words, but Chen Xiuyuan did not get angry, but lightly ordered Asido. When Asidor heard Chen Xiuyuan's words, he said goodbye and left here respectfully. Chen Xiuyuan looked calmly at the back of Asido's departure, sighed secretly, and left the training ground. Wang's strength is strong again, but his character has changed a lot. I don't know why Wang's hair is all white, but the white-haired Wang is even more handsome! Alas, the king only regards me as one of his subordinates. In one of the rooms of the Palace of Void Night, Holly said this plaintively to the mirror. Then he sighed secretly and looked at the mirror quietly in a daze. And the same thing is happening in Nelly Elu's room. Early the next morning, Chen Xiuyuan appeared on the highest chair in the conference hall. Chen Xiuyuan reclined in his chair and looked down calmly. There was no one but Asidor, Holibel, Stark, and Nelly Elu standing below. Chen Xiuyuan also did not care,Nail machine manufacturer, just still quietly looking down, but the breath of his whole body has become unusually cold. Soon after, other people came in one after another. After that, all the people came to the conference hall and stood in their seats, but no one spoke, because Chen Xiuyuan's breath at this time made them feel very depressed. Yeah, they're all here. That's good. Chen Xiuyuan looked at the man standing below and said lightly. The others did not dare to speak, but stood there in silence. But their expressions were different. Balegand stood there in silence, but his eyes kept rolling, as if he were thinking about something. Stark opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't. Holly Bell and Nelly Elu looked at Chen Xiuyuan with even more worry in their eyes. Urchiola still stood there without expression, like a piece of wood. Noitra, Yami and Zomali stood there with a confused face, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine price, as if they didn't know what had happened. Sal Apollo, however, had a dignified face, as if he were looking at Chen Xiuyuan thoughtfully. Grimchom curled his lips and tilted his head to one side. Chen Xiuyuan suddenly stood up from his seat, then disappeared in place in an instant, and then suddenly appeared in Grimchom. Before Grimchom could react and look at Chen Xiuyuan in horror, Chen Xiuyuan slapped him and fanned him out. Only then did Grimchom react, spat blood, quickly climbed up, and then looked angrily at Chen Xiuyuan. Only then did everyone react and look at Chen Xiuyuan with a look of horror. They are shocked at the strength of Chen Xiuyuan, originally they all understand the power of their own law, that now even if Chen Xiuyuan can not beat, but also in his hands to escape. But among them, Grimchom, who understood the power of the law the fastest, could not walk under Chen Xiuyuan, which could not help but frighten them. Hum, is not very unconvinced, is not very angry! Chen Xiuyuan walked slowly to Ge Liqiaomu and said to him lightly. Grimchom looked at Chen Xiuyuan bitterly, but his eyes were frightened. But even if you are angry, what can you do? You are just one of my dogs. If I am happy, I can give you strength. If I am unhappy, I can kill you at any time. Chen Xiuyuan walked up to Grimchom's side and looked at him coldly and said. With that, he kicked Grimchom again. Grimchom tried desperately to get away, but Chen Xiuyuan's sword made him unable to move. In Grimchom's eyes of shame and indignation, Chen Xiuyuan kicked him out again. But this time Grimchom couldn't get up and looked at Chen Xiuyuan who was coming to him again in horror. Wang, let Grimchom go this time. I promise he won't do it again. Bailegang could not bear to watch, although he and Grimchom were somewhat incompatible, but after all, Grimchom was still his subordinate in name, and he could not sit idly by. But as soon as Balegand's voice fell, the invisible force immediately fanned him out. Hum, you are not qualified to intercede for him. Go away. Chen Xiuyuan looked at the fanned Bailegang and said coldly. Only then did Bailegang react, and when he got up and looked at Chen Xiuyuan again, his eyes had changed from horror to fear. Chen Xiuyuan, however, did not pay attention to Bailegang, but withdrew from the God-killing army on his back and walked slowly to Grim. In the desperate eyes of Ge Liqiaomu, Chen Xiuyuan hit Ge Liqiaomu, who was already unable to move, with a sword. In a flash of a sharp sword, a huge wound appeared on Grimchom's chest,Iron Nail Making Machine, blood sprayed out for free, and an invisible force prevented the wound from healing, but still did not die. 3shardware.com

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