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Sword Emperor Full-time Job

2 months ago Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing,Industrial Automation Machinery,Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing Cambridge   45 views
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The result is the same with fewer troops! Lan Mengfei shook her head and said, "It's not too early to say today. Let's see how the crossbow launcher's firing works against the 200,000 hoplites before drawing a conclusion." "That's right," said Xiao Yifeng! The hoplite has armor to protect the whole body. It's really hard to draw a conclusion now. It will be a tough battle today! "Hum, even if the crossbow launcher is ineffective against them, and the magic attacks of the five of us and the two groups of heaven and earth plus 40,000 magicians, they can't be our opponents either!" Renault said proudly. "Yes, yes,plastic pallet supplier, if the crossbow launcher doesn't work for them, let them try my axe of the earth!" Xiao Yifeng helplessly looked at Lieluosi and ordered the Heaven and Earth 2 Regiment to take mounts and 40,000 magicians to step on the wall. At the same time life 30 thousand light cavalry all mount a horse to stay in the gate,mobile garbage bin, in case of emergency! …… “ Alas, nearly 180,000 people have died in two days. I wonder if I will be included later! "I wish I hadn't joined the army, so now I wouldn't have to face the arrow rain and the two men riding the dragon and tiger!" "Yes, how terrible the situation was yesterday!" "All right, stop talking and be careful to be pulled to behead!" Most of the soldiers of the Xuanri Empire talked nervously and followed the procession to Piaomiao City. When Piaomiao City was 1,500 meters away, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the generals rearranged the formation. With heavy infantry in the front, even the crossbowmen hide behind, infantry and light infantry in the middle of the formation, ordered the soldiers to resist the siege tools quickly rushed to Piaomiao City! Lan Mengfei on the wall looked at the formation in front of him and guessed, "It seems that they want to resist our arrows with heavy infantry, and then let the crossbowmen fight back at us!" "Oh, you're right!" Xiao Yifeng first agreed with a smile, and then said, "But we are attacking with arrows from a commanding position, and there are many of them, so we can only resist part of it!" "Who cares? Try it and you'll see!" Lieluosi said carelessly, staring at the distance of the enemy soldiers, after they entered the kilometer, immediately shouted: "put the arrow!" " "Swish.." Swish.. After receiving the order from Lieluosi, 100,000 operators began to shoot arrows at the enemy soldiers. Bong. Ah Clang. Ah The iron arrowhead of the arrow shot at the armor of the hoplite of the Xuanri Empire, only denting the armor, but not penetrating it. But despite the heavy infantry in front of the resistance, there are still many crossbowmen, infantry, light infantry, a large number of people were shot screaming down the enemy. The arrows of the crossbow launcher really don't have much effect on the hoplites! Xiao Yifeng looked at the situation in front of him and sighed. He opened his mouth and shouted: "The operator concentrated on shooting the enemy's crossbowmen!" "Yes!" After hearing this,plastic bulk containers, the operators began to concentrate on shooting the enemy's crossbow soldiers. The unfortunate Xuanri Empire immediately doubled the number of crossbowmen killed and wounded. Seeing this, Xiao Yifeng ordered again: "Even the crossbowmen and magicians are ready. When the enemy soldiers enter your attack range, attack immediately!" "Yes!" Even the crossbow soldiers and magicians were ordered to concentrate on the enemy soldiers who rushed to the wall. cnplasticpallet.com

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