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Skill Supreme of the Other World Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Francisco   40 views
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 Although Sueshi is not a baby now, he is far from being an adult. He has sent down all the problems he has studied recently. He needs to practice again. He locked himself in the castellan's mansion again. Except for eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, he is practicing. Now the most important thing for him is to start learning the skills of Xianjian. Fairy Sword skills are divided into a total of four categories,Portable gold trommel, this is the end of the solid did not think before, he thought he could learn all of it, but now it seems that only one of them can learn, as an old player of Fairy Sword, the end of the solid choice is of course the ability of Li Xiaoyao, the first male protagonist of Xianjian. I am also an aristocrat Chapter 233: Hostility Updated: July 19,sodium cyanide price, 2010 11:45:08 Words in this chapter: 6836 In my mind, I opened the computer to choose the advanced skills and chose the head portrait of Li Xiaoyao. Suddenly, a big sword popped up on the screen of the computer. In the memory of the end of reality, Li Xiaoyao's skills are not many, such as Wan Jian Jue, Tianshi Fu Fa, Jing Shen Gui yuan, Tian Gang Zhan Qi, Xian Feng Yun Ti, Zhen yuan Hu Ti, Tian Jian, Xiaoyao Shen Jian, Tian Ling Gui Xin Shu, Jian Shen, Dionysus, Shan Shen and Lei Shen. A total of the remaining skills are these Bing Xin never know why it did not appear, may not be able to learn at the end. Here, concentrate on Gui yuan, Tian Gang Zhan Qi, Xian Feng Yun Ti, and Zhen yuan Hu Ti. Tianling Gui Xin is an auxiliary skill. And the rest of the skills. The strongest one should be Dionysus. I felt that Dionysus was the most powerful when I played before. The mountain God and the thunder God are scary to say. But its attack capability does not seem to be very strong. As for the end of the sword God, it is not easy to say that this is the fastest skill that appeared in the past. The attack power is really not very strong. When fighting the tomb of the ghost king,small gold wash plant, this skill can't kill those little devils in seconds. WWw. NuosHU. CoM First.. Hair In the later stage, if it is not adjusted, the average player will have a great dependence on this skill. Now the end of the implementation in addition to these two skills to send the rest of the skills unexpectedly all can not learn really. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Skill Supreme of the Other World