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Shen Huang Full-time Job

2 months ago Security & Safety Cary   55 views
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These shadow demons can't make a sound. But still able to wail, so that all the people around, are clearly aware. It seems that the pain is so great that the soul fluctuates violently. Also at this moment, in that empty space, finally is a clear and cold drink to come. Bold, in front of the old man, also dare to hurt my Protoss! How arrogant! A sword strikes, like flying from the sky. The sword falls into the sky like a meteor. Scattered in the light and shadow, an unparalleled fierce, hidden in it. People can not see its track, nor can they judge where it falls. At this time, the huge mountain, also shrinking, fell into the hands of a middle-aged monk who suddenly appeared. Holding this mountain-shaped magic weapon, the man stepped from behind Zong Shou. This is the Phantom Mirror? Sure enough, it is stained with the blood of countless Protoss, can not but be destroyed! The blood of the nine-tailed Xuanhu should also be cut off! The phantom mirror suddenly buzzed, and the spirit inside seemed to be angry to the extreme. Unexpectedly does not need Zong Shou, urges with the blood vein strength. The seal on the mirror was broken layer by layer. Not far away, the immortal Xiu, who had spoken before, laughed out loud: "How is it now?"? The three non-phase gods are here, and you will die without a burial place! Isn't it very arrogant and overbearing just now? Between the thought of life and death, but I do not know you now,empty lotion tubes, can you still be insolent up? The man's body has been twisted out of shape. But because of Zong Shou, lucky not to die, but at the moment is ha ha long laugh more than, seems to be very happy. Chapter 958 is trying to escape? Laughter pierced the void and pierced the eardrums. (. The man's look. It's also weird at the moment. It is ferocious and twisted, as if it is extremely painful, and as if it is extremely happy, gloating and carefree. Zong Shou was too lazy to pay attention to it. His expression was focused and his eyes were fixed on the light of the sword. Good swordsmanship! Not only is the swordsmanship wonderful, but it is full of mystery. The meaning of the sword is also sharp and erratic, dark and Taoist rhyme,aluminium laminated tube, high and wonderful to the point. Clearly, it is also the soul of the sword, at least the level of the middle section. It's a pity- "" It is a pity that the man of the Imperial Sword is not himself, but the dove occupying the nest. The mind has been taken away by others, and it is triggered by the control of Wuxiang Shenmue C cāo. Imitated 90% of this pre-life kendo, but in the end it is not true. Zong Shou sighs slightly, in the heart is really regretful. Such a strong sword, I do not know what happened, was taken away by these shadow demons, destroyed the mind. So this sword was supposed to be overbearing. Enough to cut any spiritual realm of the same rank with a few swords. However, at this time, in his eyes, it is not worth mentioning. What's more, when it comes to the art of illusion, the nine-tailed Xuanhu is the real master of illusion. With the illusion of mind here, all the shadow demons need to cut off 50% of their strength first! As soon as the mind moves, custom cosmetic packaging ,plastic laminated tube, the phantom mirror rises again to the top of Zongshou's head. Like a bright moon, like water, the green beams of brilliance are flying in all directions. There are also more beams of light, which go to the place where the three spiritual realms are at this time, and shine on sh. So that the sword without a horse can be cut. Sure enough, it was a little bit. Between the flow of Qi, it is suddenly difficult to flow smoothly. It also makes it difficult to maintain the extraordinary and refined sword. Has not yet come to the front, has been slightly declining. Zong Shouzheng y yù shot, a sword to break it! He narrowed his eyes again, and in his heart jjng was reborn. Just above, where the dead angle of the green s s e mirror light is hard to reach. A cloud of psionic energy. It suddenly broke out and rushed down in the air. What you can do, has long been expected! Nine-tailed Xuanhu remaining evil. When to you and die! This time, it was countless shuttle shadows, which hit the mirror of joy like a storm. And after those tiny shuttles. It was a figure with a long stick. Hit it in the air, fiercely! I don't know how many huge forces of Mount Sumeru have erupted between the square inches. This is the spiritual realm monk, from the fantasy state of mind, much closer than the Zongshou. Only one in three thousand moments, one in one hundred thousand blink of an eye, has come to the illusion before the state of mind. But at this time around, the wind Taiji and others, more and more is the face of nobody s s è. The laughter, which was slightly rampant, was even more unscrupulous. Surround and kill Zongshou's Wuxiang Shenmue this time. There are as many as four people who have already appeared! Around this boundary river, I don't know if there are any other divine shadow demons lying in ambush around it. Zong Shou raised his lips obliquely, and the blood in his eyes flashed again. If you don't have this burning blood pupil. Can't see where these guys are hiding. Or this time, he is really going to be succeeded by these people and destroy this phantom mirror. All the reactions of these people to him, of course, had been anticipated. However, is it not expected that he is here? All changes are in the blood pupil of the fantasy world. Under the light of the cave! And secretly laughed in the chest, these shadow demons, but also really look up to him. Just for one person and one mirror, he used a whole five non-phase gods and demons. He even tried his best to destroy the phantom mirror he was in charge of. Should I feel honored to attach so much importance to it? Only cheap Xiaojin, this time I'm afraid I can eat and drink enough, and have a good taste. It is a pity that the quality is poor, compared to the eight layers of death prison, the peak level of the head of the divine realm of non-phase gods and demons, is really poor can not be in the way! Watching the long stick shuttle rush down, Zong Shou did not respond. But when the shadow of the shuttle collided with the blue mirror, the phantom mirror was only a ripple shaking. And then, without waiting for the shadow of the stick to come, it was broken and invisible. So that all the people here are stunned. Could it be that this face, which once flourished in the era of cloud wasteland in the cloud world, made the shadow demon clan fear it like a tiger, and its power was close to that of the top immortal treasure of the artifact, was so easily broken? "Then I saw the mirror of the same green sè on the other side, and now it was on the other side, about three breaths away." Illusion? The people in the distance only looked at it and knew the reason, and their eyes were slightly strange. What kind of illusion is this? Unexpectedly, even the non-phase gods and demons of the Shadow Demon Clan can be deceived. So at this time, this mirror is the real body of the phantom mirror? But then see, more illusion mirror, appear in the void. One and two, two and three,pump tube, three and ten, and then from ten to a hundred, from a hundred to a thousand. emptycosmetictubes.com

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