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Shangguan Ding Honghua Valley Full-time Job

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Among the three people, there was someone who had informed him. He hurried up to meet him. As soon as the announcer pointed to Zhong Zong, he said to the two men who had come with him as they ran, "Tell me about the two leaders of the hall. This is the man." The lanky old man in his fifties who was walking in front stopped and said to Zhong Zong in a deep voice, "Are you Zhong Zong?" "I am Zhong Zong," said Zhong Zong. "Did my grandfather bring you two to meet him?" The old man in his fifties suddenly turned pale and shouted, "Nonsense!"! What grandson does the leader of this gang have? ? Who the hell are you? ? By whom? ?” Zhong Zong was angry and thought, "My grandfather doesn't recognize me."? I'm going up to find my mother. "After thinking about it, he didn't bother to pay any attention to the three of them and strode up the hill.". Another of the three, a burly middle-aged man, suddenly stopped on the road and shouted, "Where are you going?" "Who are you two?" Zhong Zong shouted? Dare to stop me !” The middle-aged burly man pointed to the old man in his fifties and said coldly, "He is Zhao Dunyi,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the leader of the Yellow Banner Hall of our gang, and I am Gu Feihuang, the leader of the White Banner Hall of our gang.". By the order of the Sect Leader, I've come to catch you up the mountain! When Zhong Zong heard the word "catch", he was so angry that he shouted, "Try to stop me again!" He wanted to see his grandfather and mother. As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed straight to meet Gu Feihuang, the messenger of the dense cloud. Dense messenger Gu Feihuang shouted loudly,D BHB Factory, his arms sealed and straightened, according to Zhong Zong's face is a punch. Zhong Zong is not in a hurry, is still that move'before the chariot and after the horse ', two hands one after the other, at the same time hit two hands. Gu Feihuang fist did not implement, suddenly felt a gust of wind when the chest hit, the strength seems not small, did not wait for the right arm to withdraw, the left arm has taken advantage of the situation to clap a palm. It was expected that Zhong Zong would make this move with anger, and he knew that both of them were the leaders of the Shuntian Sect, and their skills must be extraordinary, so they used ten percent of their strength! Gu Feihuang's chest seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer, and his heart shook and his blood surged. After a few steps back, he spat out a big mouthful of blood! It was beyond Zhong Zong's expectation that a hall leader would be so vulnerable. "Get out of my way," he shouted. "I won't hit you." Zhao Dunyi, a flying bat, Sex Enhancement Powder ,L Methylfolate Factory, was both surprised and angry.  Zhong Zong was taken aback and said to himself, "No wonder my godfather told me to use this'Tiangang Finger 'only when I was forced to do so. It's really very powerful!" As soon as this thought swept away, he looked up and saw five people standing in a row in front of him. He recognized that one of them was Cang Long He Lian Biao, the leader of the Shuntian Sect. He quickly knelt down on his knees and said, "Grandson Zhong Zong, please ask Grandpa Jin An." Helian's face was grave. "Come in with me," he said in a deep voice. "Master Qi, Master Zhao has breathed his last," said Gu Feihuang, the emissary. He Lianbiao glanced at Zhong Zong and saw that Zhong Zong looked very sorry. He felt sad and said in a deep voice,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, "I know. The body is parked outside the gathering hall." With that, he turned around and walked up the hill first. Zhong Zong also followed the four people who came with him, and they filed their way. pioneer-biotech.com

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Skill Supreme of the Other World