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Seduced -- Purple Cabin Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Jose   46 views
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Strong as he is, confident as he is, but also I like to be congratulated. I hope to hear your good news next. "I will try." Jiang Jingdao. Luo Lanqi nodded, and Jiang Jing went out. The first thing Jiang Jing had to do when he went out was not work, but not work. He immediately said in the circle of friends: BOSS is going to shave, and BOSS is going to shave. Yu Yike: I know. I suggested it. To be a monk and a romantic ghost, he is sure. Choose to die under the peony. In fact, when Jiang Jing heard Luo Lanqi explain the reason for shaving his beard, he knew it was Yu Yi. Coe is up to something. Sure enough, but Jiang Jing was not convinced. Jiang Jing: Did you cheat BOSS? If you let BOSS know you lied to him, you will die. It's miserable. Yu Yike is not a fool, Jiang Jing wants to cliche, and then snitch to escape this. A losing bet? No way. Yu Yike: Unfortunately, it's true. BS0S and Ershao do it on the spot After the test,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Ershao's face is allergic to BOSS's beard. Jiang Jing: It's too late. There is no such coincidence. After taking a bath, Ning Yumo found a pajama in the fitting room and put it on. I lay down on the bed to rest. He fell asleep because you were too tired to lie down. Probably Luo Lanqi usually rests here, and the lounge is full of them. His smell, so Ning Yumo slept at ease. Luo Lanqi ended his meeting with Jiang Jing and went to the lounge to have a look at Ning Yumo. Found him fast asleep. So Luo Lanqi picked up the razor and turned into the bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror and stared at the mirror. Your own beard. Shave? Or No shaving? Luo Lanqi took the razor and kept making gestures on his face and chin. Here. Finally, he put down the razor. He decided to go home at night and shave again. Here. When I get off work later, everyone will see it. But after putting down the razor, Luo Lanqi poked himself in the face, and then for a while. Upset. After shaving his beard,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he must have lost his majesty, and Yu Mo would laugh at him. Oh, no, no. Luo Lanqi went out of the lounge and went to work. Author Gossip: Good night, everyone! Today's sixth watch is presented. When you see this chapter, you should It's the next morning, so good morning, everyone! PS: Are you interested in guessing? Guess why brother Qi doesn't want to shave his beard? Thank you for Yunlong's gift, Mada! Chapter 109 As the general manager of Luohuan Group, although there is still Luozhen, the chairman of the board, But the whole Luohuan Group knows that, in fact, now the real Luohuan Group The man in power is already Luo Lanqi. From the headquarters to the branch, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Oil Dropper Bottle, the size of Luo Lan's wish to open In fact, there are a lot of documents issued in the meetings, so Luo Lanqi is very busy with his work at ordinary times.Ning Yumo played a clever, immediately the whole person woke up: "You do not come again." He warned. Come what? Luo Lan asked, "***?" "Get out." *** one mouthful at a time, can you be famous? Even if you really do it. Love,Blue Bottle Serum, but Ning Yumo can't say it casually like he did. I'm not Shichijiro in one night. Luo Lan asked for a smile. "Just twice a day." Too much is lost. "But only once in the morning." Ning Yu Mo Dao. So save one more time for the evening. Luo Lanqi smiled even more proudly, no. Think of Ning Yumo really will pick up this sentence, really. It's so cute. penghuangbottle.com

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Skill Supreme of the Other World