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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty Full-time Job

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In the dining room, the wild goose autumn beckons the servant girl to set the meal, sees the Jin princess to come in, everybody bends the knee to Jin princess to see the ceremony in succession. Princess Jin nodded and said lightly, "Wang Ye will come right away. You can step down." Yanqiu led the crowd to step down. Princess Jin and others stepped down, stretched out their hands to place the food, and moved the dishes that the King of Jin liked to eat to his front. The King of Jin washed up, went to the dining room, and went straight to the main seat. "Don't stand there, Tongtong, sit down and eat together," she said to Princess Jin, who was standing beside her. Princess Fushen of Jin thanked her and sat down at the right hand of the King of Jin. Princess Jin picked up her chopsticks and gave the dish to the King of Jin. "Wang Ye, try this sauce lotus root slice with whitebait porridge. It tastes good." The King of Jin nodded, lowered his head and took a bite of the lotus root slices. Then he drank a mouthful of whitebait porridge. He nodded and said, "Well, this lotus root slice is well made. It's refreshing and very appetizing." Jin Princess gave Jin Wang a shrimp dumpling, "Wang Ye, taste this, Wang Ye's favorite shrimp dumpling.". My concubine asked the kitchen to make it. Early in the morning, they went to the pond to catch shrimps. The King of Jin was in a good mood. He lowered his head and took a bite of the shrimp dumplings. He nodded and said, "Well, it's well done." Princess Jin said with a smile, "If Wang Ye likes it, he will eat more. After a while,plastic pallet crates, he will go to Princess Dachang's mansion and greet people. He just talks. He doesn't have time to eat." The king of Jin nodded, "Well, this king doesn't like these social activities most.". Text Volume Chapter 1197 Thrilling The king of Jin nodded, "Well, this king doesn't like these social activities most.". Yesterday, Shang Ting begged the king several times, and asked the king to go there earlier today to help welcome the guests. As soon as Shang Ting turned over his hospitality, the king could not shirk it. He had to help them earlier. Princess Jin nodded and said, "That's right. Princess Dachang is my aunt. It's my aunt's sixtieth birthday. As the younger generation,drum spill pallet, we should go there earlier to help." The King of Jin said with a beaming look on his face, "That is to say, Tongtong is the most sensible." Princess Jin bowed her head and replied, "Thank you for your praise. Have some more porridge. It warms your stomach and is good for your health." The King of Jin nodded happily. "Well, good." The King of Jin lowered his head and finished the porridge in the bowl. Princess Jin asked, "Wang Ye, will I give you some more porridge?" The king of Jin shook his head. "No, the king is full.". Why is Ben Wang a little sleepy? Princess Jin saw that the King of Jin's eyes began to stare and knew that the medicine was working. I didn't sleep well last night. Maybe I was sleepy. Before the princess had finished speaking, the king of Jin was already lying on the table. Princess Jin raised her voice and shouted, "Somebody!" When Yanqiu came in, he bent his knees and asked, "Princess." The King of Jin immediately ordered, "Wang Ye didn't sleep well at night, and he still wants to sleep. Please give me a hand, and we'll help Wang Ye back to his room." Yanqiu hurried over to help. With the help of the servant girl, Princess Jin helped the King of Jin back to his room and lay down. Princess Jin ordered, "Wang Ye is tired these days. Let him have a good rest. No one can disturb him.". If anyone comes to the mansion to look for Wang Yeh, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible bulk containers, they will all refuse. Yanqiu answered and turned to make arrangements. Princess Jin glanced at the King of Jin on the bed and said to the servant, "Let's go out and let Wang Ye have a good rest." The servant girl went out with Princess Jin. In the outer room, Princess Jin waved her hand, "Gui Qiu stays, and everyone else steps down." After the maid had retired, Princess Jin said to Gui Qiu, "Go and ask Xiao Liu to come and see me." Gui Qiu bent her knees and turned out of the room. Xiao Liu came quickly and bowed to Princess Jin when he entered the door. Princess Jin ordered in a low voice, "Go to a teahouse near Princess Dachang's Mansion and sit there drinking tea. Keep an eye on Princess Dachang's Mansion.". Remember, don't get close, just watch from a distance. No matter what happens, come back at noon to report. Remember, go quietly and keep quiet, do you understand? Xiaoliu nodded, "OK, Princess, the little one wrote it down." After Xiao Liu left, Princess Jin turned around and went into the study next door, ready to write and let herself be quiet. Princess Jin even wrote a few strokes, all of which were failures. Princess Jin simply put down her pen and went to see Sister Xing and Brother Zheng. After seeing Wu Jing and Li Jinrong off, Bai Ruyue calmed down. Hou Fu to this moment no one came, should not come. Qinyuan side, she has made arrangements two days ago, will not come today. The person she cared about was not in danger, and Bai Ruyue felt much more relaxed. Bai Ruyue turned to look out of the window and asked Qingyao beside her, "How many hidden piles do you see?" Qingyao replied, "Back to the Crown Princess, the maidservant saw an archer on the seat facing us.". There is also an archer on Si Si, that is, the position of exchange, and there is also an archer on the position of Chou Ba. This is as far as we can see. In the courtyard, there are people in the trees. Bai Ruyue said with a faint smile, "It's hard for her. I've put a lot of thought into it." Bai Ruyue turned to Redjade, Pinellia, and Xunshuang and said, "It's going to be a mess. You can find a corner to climb down. Don't stand upright. Do you understand?" Xunshuang was fine, but Pinellia and Redjade were so frightened that their faces turned white and they trembled and nodded. "Don't be afraid," said Bai Ruyue. "I'll play dead in a corner. I should be able to survive.." Before Bai Ruyue had finished speaking, Mrs. Du hurried to the door and raised her voice to Mrs. Ji, who was not far away. "Qingyu, hurry up and get ready. The emperor has arrived. I'm going to invite my mother." Bai Ruyue is stupefied, the heart immediately tightens, in the heart dark thought way, father emperor is not to say good not to come? Why did you change the plan? Bai Ruyue was still stunned, "Crown Princess, be careful!" Qingyao did not know when to have a soft sword in her hand, and quickly waved her arm, waving the arrow like a shower of stars away. Bai Ruyue pulled Xunshuang to the back of the pillar and shouted, "Redjade, Pinellia ternata is lying under the table under the window." The people in the hall were in a mess, crying and screaming, running around with their heads in their hands, and screaming again and again with arrows. Bai Ruyue stuffed Xunshuang under the table and said, "Stay down there." "Crown Princess, be careful!" Qing Zhi shouted with a sword to fend off the knife of the man in black,ibc spill containment pallet, and fought with the man in black. Bai Ruyue straightened up, and at the moment she bowed her head, many men in black entered the hall. Bai Ruyue conveniently pulled up an arrow on the table and killed Qingzhi back to back with the man in black. binpallet.com

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