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Quick wear system: male God raiders manual Full-time Job

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Then, he is still the best person in the world to her. About half an hour later, Duan Yize sent Qin Huanhuan to the door of the hotel. Thank you. Qin Huanhuan said. You are welcome "Remember to take an umbrella to work tomorrow," said Duan Yize. "All right!" Qin Huanhuan answered with a bright smile. Although the weather is gloomy, there is still a light rain, but looking at Qin Huanhuan such a bright smile, Duan Yize felt that his head seemed to slowly give birth to a small sun. Chapter 2560 the good-hearted president's down-and-out wife 13. Driving back, Duan Yize was in a surprisingly good mood, with his familiar melody playing on the car stereo, and from time to time he hummed along. Unexpectedly, he was so important to Qin Huanhuan. That Should he tell Qin Huanhuan that he was the one who spent those days with her? When he heard that Qin Huanhuan valued him so much just now, in fact, he was almost excited to have a showdown with Qin Huanhuan several times. But after thinking about it, he felt that it would be too embarrassing for him to show his hand now. Let's wait until the two of them get familiar with each other. After Qin Huanhuan got out of Duan Yize's car,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he first went to the stall next to the hotel to buy a bowl of wonton, and then carried it back to the hotel. Just as Qin Huanhuan passed through the narrow aisle and was about to reach her room, a man suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked her way. Qin Huanhuan looked up at the man. How much is it for one night? The man asked. Qin Huanhuan:.. Too lazy to explain to him, Qin Huanhuan bypassed him directly and wanted to go. "Hey!" The man quickly stepped back and blocked Qin Huanhuan's way. He felt in his pants pocket and took out a few hundred yuan. "See," he said, "I'm rich. I won't sleep with you in vain!" Qin Huanhuan looked at the man with even more speechless eyes. You'd better keep your little money for retirement. Qin Huanhuan finished then pushed the man,wire nail making machine, walked quickly to the door of his house, opened the door and immediately locked the door from the inside. It seems that she has to find a house quickly. It's really not so safe here. But after that man was pushed to the wall by Qin Huanhuan, he was stupefied. Then he reacted. He spat at the place and shouted: "Dead woman, you live in a hotel and dress up like a fox spirit. What else do you want to pretend?"! Isn't it your honor that labor and management have taken a fancy to you? The man thought Qin Huanhuan looked down on his money, so he refused to sleep with him for a night. Bah! He couldn't bear to throw so much money at a woman! But When the man turned back to his room, Qin Huanhuan's graceful posture always echoed in his mind, making him so upset that his whole body seemed to be on fire, and he couldn't wait to pull the woman over to calm the fire. God damn it! He is really bewitched! At this time, Qin Huanhuan did not know that she had been missed. After dinner, Qin Huanhuan turned on the TV to watch the hit drama for a while, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, and then took a bath and went to bed at nine o'clock. The next morning, when Qin Huanhuan got up to go to work, the whole hotel was still quiet, so she did not meet the man who was looking for trouble yesterday. Fortunately, today is Thursday, and she will come out to look for a room on Saturday morning. It's better to be able to check in with bags. It doesn't matter if it's a little expensive. Good morning. "Good morning." Qin Huanhuan saw the company's people, all greeted with a slight smile, looking really like a young girl full of blood when she first entered the workplace. Huanhuan, please print this information for me and hand it to Vice General Manager Jiang. Alone. All right Qin Huanhuan hurriedly took over, printed a binding, then went to Jiang Ming's office. Eh? Newcomer? After seeing Qin Huanhuan, Jiang Ming immediately sat up straight and asked. Yes, General Manager Jiang. Qin Huanhuan said. He looks very dewy. Jiang Mingdao. Chapter 2561 the good-hearted president's down-and-out wife 14. Qin Huanhuan:.. Is she lucky in love these two days? Why do you always meet men who molest her? "All right, don't tease you, go out!" Jiang Ming saw that Qin Huanhuan still kept that kind of gentle but alienated smile, then waved his hand. He just saw that Qin Huanhuan looked good and wanted to tease her, in case he scared the newlyweds away. One day, Qin Huanhuan did not see Duan Yize. Ten minutes before getting off work, the sunny day suddenly became cloudy and there was a rainstorm. Qin Huanhuan:.. She was so scared by that damn man yesterday that she forgot to go out to buy an umbrella. Finished the calf, today Duan Yize did not know in the company, she must be drenched back. However, after these two days of getting along, the people in the company are also familiar with Qin Huanhuan. Seeing Qin Huanhuan standing at the door all the time, a male colleague asked, "Didn't you bring an umbrella?" Qin Huanhuan nodded and smiled awkwardly. Going to take the subway? "No." Qin Huanhuan shook his head and said, "There is no subway station near where I live, and I also take a bus.." "Well." The man said, "I just want to go to the bus stop. Why don't we make do with an umbrella first?" Listen to his question just now, obviously want to take the subway, but now suddenly said to accompany her to the bus stop, um. The mind is very obvious. Qin Huanhuan felt that B city was really her peach blossom land! I just came to B city for several days, and I met several peach blossoms. Unfortunately, she only wants Duan Yize's most exuberant, beautiful and brilliant peach blossom! "No need." Qin Huanhuan looked at the man with a slight smile and said,iron nail machine, "The rain is too heavy. The two of us must get wet with an umbrella. You go quickly. I'll go when the rain is lighter. It doesn't matter." "This.." The man said, "Why don't you go back with an umbrella first? I'll wait here. It's not safe for you to stand here alone and wait for the rain to stop." "It doesn't matter." "I know Taekwondo," said Qin Huanhuan. Bullshit. The man was slightly embarrassed when he heard this. 3shardware.com

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