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Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli Full-time Job

2 months ago Security & Safety Cary   39 views
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Then anxiously they also talked about the current situation of the Dragon Bone City. A group of hanging guilds have just merged into one, and are still in a state of harmony and stability. Jiaozhuo is only in accordance with the original distribution of nigger white teeth, let them go to Lian Ji task copy and so on, there are many people like PK, so Jiaozhuo personally, and people played all morning. However, it is said that Xiao Pang was teased by you in the morning, but he seemed to be expected, still smiling. At the end of the meal, everyone played again. Lin Guang and black white tooth immediately consulted the eight guild president, the president said no one received a similar task. The two men had nothing to do for the time being and came to see how the mission of Shenhao and Zuiyue was going. Shen Hao took Lin Guang into the city master's office again, and looking at his meaning, it seemed that he was going to reorganize the task. Just in time, Lin Guang could listen to it from the beginning. We can't get into the Lord's room at ordinary times. Shen Hao explained to Lin Guang, "but during the mission, we can come in during the day.". I'm talking about the day in the game. "Oh." Lin Guang nodded and looked around curiously. The castellan's room, of course, was magnificent,14 tube fitting, with two personal guards standing beside him. But even if the appearance is dignified, in the eyes of players, it is just a dummy. You can't say rude words here, "Shenhao reminds me," like what. What, what.. What and so on, can not say,stainless steel needle valve, will be killed by the Lord's personal guard on the charge of insulting the Lord. "Oh." Lin Guang nodded again. God Hao reminds finish, go up to talk with castellan: "Hey!"! Dude, is the chrysanthemum still itchy? "Oh, it's very kind of you to come." Replied the Lord. "How are things going?" "Not yet." Shen Hao is helpless. Then hurry up and do it. Talk to me when you're done. As soon as the castellan waved his hand, he was already sitting on his chair in a daze. Shen Hao had no choice but to turn around and say to Lin Guang: "This is the place, which is completely different from the strategy.". I answered'not yet 'on the strategy. The castellan will be eager to ask why, and then help me out. But there's nothing here, so let me do it myself. Lin Guang frowned: "What was the original strategy?" "I've already done what I was supposed to do on the strategy." Shen Hao had no choice but to explain. The castellan's secret order is for me to kill all the goblins and exploit the current tensions between the dwarves and the goblins. To bring it to war. Then I reap the benefits and kill all the goblins. But since my goal is to do good. The strategy is also good, so I will inform the environmental protection department in advance, they gave me a note, I took it to the goblin copy outside the South Gate. Hit the final boss, but don't kill the boss. Show him the note. Then he would give me another note to give to the Dwarf leader. When you meet the leader of the Dwarves, just say the key word'owed? '? Silas They are scared to pee. And give me a contract. Shen Hao took out the contract. Lin Guang heard in the clouds: "What is it?"? What debt? What Silas? "Anyway, 12 needle valve ,14 needle valve, I said it and got the contract." Shen Hao spread out the contract. "Look, this is the truce between the dwarves and the goblins.". It is reasonable to say that the last step is to show the castellan. "What is the castellan going to do now that the truce has come out?" Lin Guang was surprised. "Isn't the castellan going to exterminate the goblins?" "Yes." Shen Hao nodded, "according to the original task, the castellan will teach me to tear up the contract.". Still contribute to the war between the two sides, and I will denounce the shamelessness of the castellan. Here, just say "protect life", "love animals", "no sale, no killing". "Heaven has the virtue of living well", "ugly is not a sin" and other keywords, the castellan will sigh helplessly. And tell me to *** off. "And then?" Lin Guang was surprised. Then you can go to the Goblin copy to get the reward, if you don't scold the castellan again. Goblin won't give me a reward. Shen Hao spread out his hands, "but now the castellan doesn't play cards according to the routine.". I have no idea what to do next. "Wait!" Lin Guang was in a trance. "Why did the castellan exterminate the goblins? I forgot." "I'll say it." Drunken Moon said, "When the Lord was young, his wife was scared to death by goblins, so he hated this species and wanted to exterminate them.". But on the surface, for the sake of species harmony, we can't give the order of extinction, so he sent us on a hidden mission to complete it. "Right," Shen Hao interface, "at that time castellan is hugging his wife that is dying to cry greatly 'Goblin you are ugly than do not come over! Don't come over! ' But Goblin still came over, so he shouted again, 'Goblin, you are so ugly that you scared my wife to death!' ” Lin Guang: "…" But I feel a little impressed. How about this! Drunken Moon suggested, "We can't ask anything here. Go to the Goblin copy and try again." "That's all right." Shen Hao nodded. Lin Guang smiled and looked at Shen Hao. "You didn't try all kinds of lines all morning, did you?" Drunken moon black face, has been the first to answer: "Yes!"! And it's all useless. "Who said it was useless?" Shen Hao refused to accept, and a serious face, "everything is possible, only their own brain hole is infinite, in order to contain each other's brain hole." The drunken moon immediately pulled out a rope and held it high above her head. Shen Hao immediately ran away with his head in his hands, and the two of them ran out of the castellan's room. Lin Guang looked at him and smiled. He turned his head and asked the nigger White Teeth, "Consultant, what do you think of this?" Nigger White Teeth was stunned: "I … …" I can't tell. Please give me a sign. Lin Guang shook his head helplessly: "Let's go!" Four people are familiar with the road, all the way to the south city outside the Goblin copy, this is only a small copy of level 30, and in the vicinity of the transit station, instantly. Today, however, there are rows of strange people standing at the door of the copy, all wearing masks and black cloaks,38 tube fitting, which are very similar to the dark part of Konoha in the long cosplay. All players who try to enter the dungeon will be blocked. The players on the side pointed and talked. What is this? Lin Guang stepped forward, "and what is the dark department?" "The old horse smiled." A secret department came forward. "Sorry, this side is temporarily impassable. We have received orders from our superiors to strictly guard here." chinaroke.com

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