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Public house Full-time Job

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When he was ready to move in, his daughter-in-law was kind enough to buy him a mattress. He not only scolded him, but also almost got a serious illness. That day, Xiaofa brought a cart of foreign furniture in a car. Zhongtian didn't know that the two spring leather boards, which were several feet long, several feet wide, and several inches thick, were used for Moge. He asked Fa Zai, and Zai told him that they were sleeping beds, called Moge Si. He asked a lot of money and said it was more than five hundred yuan. His heart was about to jump out of his mouth and he said, "Fa cub!"! You are so full of rice that you can't remember eating rice soup in those days. You don't know how salty and bitter it is! With a few pennies in his pocket, he was covered with gold. Such a valuable bed board, your young family purchase, I do not object, but I am so old, loess piled on the chest, do you need it? Are you so sleepy? It's a waste of money! Can think in the heart, since the baby is a role, earn a lot of money, then spend a lot of money. Anyway, money is a thing that you can't bring with you in life or in death, and you can't buy fields, earth and mountains. Previously, all the family belongings were not worth such a bed board, but there was no money to buy it,stainless steel tube 304, so only one cent was spent in two halves. At present, with a good hand in the baby, there will be flowers, and it is rare for the baby's daughter-in-law to have a filial piety, so he can only enjoy it. After a lifetime of suffering, you should also enjoy it, which is called enjoying happiness! Only ten days before the housewarming, Zhongtian suddenly asked Fa Zai to either move Simmons to the old house or put it in the new building to trap his grandchildren. How can there be no Simmons? Why did he move to the old house? Filial piety hair indissolubles the ground asks: "Father!"! Do you still want to live in the old house? Without hesitation, Zhongtian said, "Where can I live if I don't live in the old house?" Xiao Fa said,side impact door beams, "Dad!"! The family has built such a big building, you can choose which one, why not move to live together? "You will be your immortals, and I will be my beggar!" Zhongtian said firmly. That How do you want us to talk, walk and behave? Why don't we just not move to this house? Xiaofa really didn't know what the old father was thinking and said dejectedly. With a wry smile, Zhongtian scolded, "Fool!"! It's none of your business. It was my idea. Move your homes in the same way, move with joy, and come in with joy. Xiaofa knew that his father was getting more and more stubborn as he got older, so it was useless to say more, so he had to fix the spring bed for his father in the old house. Hey! Hey! This is the official Zhu of the seed glutinous rice cake! Zhong Tian laughed unnaturally and looked at Xi Mengsi again and again. He touched and pressed his hands gently. The saliva from his laughter fell on the bed surface. He quickly wiped it gently. That night, Zhongtian took a bath carefully, made an exception to wipe a body of fragrant soap, changed his clothes, and then carefully climbed into bed, feeling soft, warm and comfortable. I didn't expect that I would become the King of Heaven, stainless steel 304 pipes ,cold drawn tubes, Lao Tzu! Maybe the people in the city who eat and drink spicy food are just so so. He was fascinated, and his sweet smile sent him to sleep. Who would have thought that in the morning of the second day, Zhongtian got up in a painful groan, beat here and rubbed there, pulled the skin and cupping, but he was still sore all over. He thought that maybe he had taken a long bath last night and caught a cold, which brought out the cold. Maybe I was sleepy for a long time last night, and it was hard for me to be sleepy. He asked his daughter-in-law for a few pills and swallowed them before he felt better. But another night passed, Zhongtian's pain was not only not alleviated, but also much worse than congenital, his hands and feet began to swell, and his back seemed to be burned with a layer of rice crust. It seems that I really do not have this blessing, can not enjoy the foreign style, this spring bed is not good, not as comfortable as the wooden bed. He was glad that he was not prepared to move there. If he lived in a new house like this, it would be strange if he didn't die! He was also glad that he still had an old house close to the public house, and that he could still enter the public house when he died. If he didn't have this old house, he could only go to live in the new house, and he didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse. Zhongtian shouted again and again, "I will die!"! Will die! A big question mark suddenly appeared. At present, there are old houses like Zige, which are close to the public houses. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer such old houses. The new houses will gradually become single-door and single-family. When the old parents die, they can't enter the public houses, so they can't go to the shrines. They can only hold sacrifices in the small halls of each family, and can only go to the deities of each family. In this way, isn't it no different from becoming a ghost outside? The public hall, the ancestral shrine, is not also torn apart? Zhongtian climbed out of bed worriedly, bit the copper chimney in his mouth and kept puffing, looking at the spring bed with confused eyes, and shaking his skull like a peddler's drum. No, we have to go to them and work out a solution. On a whim, he recalled that forty years ago, when he was renovating the public house, the brother who had made a fortune in the bay had invited his fellow countrymen to a drink. Now that Fa Zai has made a fortune, he should follow the example of the older generation and return a favor to the villagers. Isn't it a good thing to kill two birds with one stone? Filial piety hair listens to old father to say, at first not enthusiastic way: "Father!"! There must be a reason to invite guests to dinner, and I will invite them to move in a few days. "There's no name for a treat at the moment, and people will talk about fools when they eat them, and they'll talk about money in our house behind our backs!" "You need a reason to invite guests to dinner?"? I haven't heard of it in more than 70 years. When you move into a restaurant, it is not the same thing as discussing things and holding a restaurant. If they are mixed together, the wine will become stale. Zhong Tian insisted on having his own way and said, "If you don't want to do it, I will pay for it." "Dad!"! I didn't say I couldn't do it. Really want to do, thanks to the folks, do decent points, every household please! Do the cub is not good to forcibly stop, sweep the face of the old father, is not to spend a few pennies, why appear to be stingy. Besides, the old man may have his own reasons, so he obeyed his wishes. Xiao Fa then asked his wife to invite a few helpers to prepare eight tables of wine and rice. That's like my good hair! A rare bright smile appeared on Zhongtian's face, and his legs and stomach also laughed. Along the way, he invited the leaders, elders and householders in the bay,Cold Drawn Tubes, as well as two teachers in the bay who ate the national grain, Qi Lin and Qi Yu, to a meeting in the public house to discuss a major event. Fifteen. cbiesautomotive.com

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