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Piaohua Ling-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Murong Yunsheng was stunned at first, and then let go of the pulse point of the Fire King Peng Qian. Peng Qian heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, Elder Brother." The old man in long gown glanced at Peng Qian and said, "Brother, do you know who captured your acupoint?" Peng Qian shook his head and said, "I don't know." "He is the son of Master Murong Changqing," said the old man in long gown. Fire King Peng Qian turned his face and glanced at Murong Yunsheng. "Are you Mr. Murong?" He asked. Murong Yunsheng folded his fists and said, "It's the younger generation." Peng Qian shook his head and said, "It's hard to believe." Murong Yunsheng wiped the transfiguration medicine from his face and said, "The younger generation has undergone transfiguration." Peng Qian looked at Murong Yunsheng carefully for a while and said in a low voice, "He really has the elegant demeanor of Murong Daxia before his death." "The elder has seen my father," said Murong Yunsheng. Peng Qian said, "Thirty years ago, my brother and I were both rescued by Master Murong." Murong Yunsheng secretly said in his heart: Good! Since you have been helped by my father, why do you want to oppose me now. But the old man in the long gown said, "Brother, do you remember this?" Peng Qian said, "How can you forget the feelings of others?" The old man in the long gown said slowly with a serious expression, "Brother, since you still remember the kindness we received from Master Murong, you must know how we should treat Mr. Murong, right?" Peng Qian said,beam impact tubes, "Brother, even if you have the intention to return the favor to Mr. Murong, the situation is forbidden.". I'm afraid it's hard to do something. "Here and now," said the old man in the long gown, "you can abandon the dark and turn to the light. Abandon the Three Holy Gates. Fire King Peng Qian sighed sadly and said, "Elder brother, do you remember your virtuous younger brother and sister?" "Remember," said the old man in the long gown. "How is she?" Peng Qian said, "She and your little niece have been taken hostage by Sansheng Gate. I have to use them." The old man's face changed and he said,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "If there is such a thing, who dares to kidnap my younger brother and sister?" Peng Qian said, "I only know that it was the Taoist Huang Feng who picked the stars." The old man in the green shirt said, "Huang Feng who picked the stars. Is he under the Three Saints, too? Peng Qian said, "I am now the head of Sanshengmen Falun Hall." The old man suddenly sighed and said, "Brother, who on earth is the head of the Three Holy Gates? So many peerless masters are willing to be used by him." "Who are the three saints?" Asked Peng Qian, the King of Fire. "Are they one or three?". Brother, I really don't know. The only one who knows about the three saints is the leader of the three-wheel hall. "The old man in green shirt said," Who are the leaders of the three-wheel party? " Peng Qian said, "My brother only knows that there are three parties in the Sansheng Gate, namely, the Golden Wheel, the Flywheel, and the Dharma Wheel. They respectively govern most of the masters under the Sansheng Gate. In addition, aluminium coated tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, there are several emissaries directly under the Holy Hall and disciples of the Sanshengmen.". That's all I know. "The three leaders of the hall, the Golden Wheel and the Flywheel, are extraordinary people," said the old man. Fire King Peng Qian said, "My younger brother only knows that the Falun Party leader is Huang Feng, the star picker, because my younger brother is a servant under the Falun Hall. As for who the two leaders, the Golden Wheel and the Flywheel, are, my younger brother doesn't know." "If Huang Feng, the star picker, is indeed the Falun Party leader," said the Qingshan old man, "those two Party leaders are also the top people in Wulin." Fire King Peng Qian turned his eyes to Murong Yunsheng's face and said, "Master Murong, Zhuo Jing and my daughter are at the mercy of life and death. I owe you the help of Master Murong in the past years. I can't return it to you." Murong Yunsheng said, "Under such circumstances, it's no wonder Elder Peng." Peng Qian turned his eyes to the Qingshan old man again and said slowly, "Elder brother, we Yixu Jinlan share the love of life and death, but my younger brother can't help you today. I hope you can forgive him a lot." The old man sighed softly and said, "You and your wife have a deep affection for each other. There's nothing you can do about it." Peng Qian said, "The eldest brother can forgive the younger brother. The younger brother is willing to die. The eldest brother takes care. The younger brother has to go first." Suddenly, he raised his hand and took a picture from the top door. As soon as Murong Yunsheng raised his right hand, he quickly grabbed Peng Qian's right wrist and said in a deep voice, "I already know your difficulties. Just leave." Peng Qian gave a wry smile and said, "I can't save my wife and daughter except to die.". ” "Why?" Asked Murong Yunsheng. Peng Qian said, "If they all die here, I'll escape like one person. I'll have to tell the story in detail. Under the interrogation of three wise and eloquent people, no clever lie can hide their entrapment. If I am asked the inside story, I will not only be tortured, but my wife and daughter will also be punished." Bao Xing said slowly, "If Brother Peng is willing to give up the dark and turn to the light, I have a plan to keep Brother Peng alive." Peng Qian answered, "My life and death are not enough. The important thing is to save the lives of my wife and daughter. Alas!"! A body of seven feet is not enough to keep his wife and daughter safe, and he has no face to live in the world. Bao Xing said in a low voice:. Now that so many people have fallen to the ground in a plot, why don't Brother Peng follow their example? Peng Qian was slightly stunned. "Not bad," he said. As soon as Murong Yunsheng loosened his right hand, Peng Qian immediately fell to the ground and threw himself into the crowd. The Qingshan old man looked at Bao Xing and said in a low voice, "When people said Brother Bao was crazy, they just thought that Brother Bao must be a man of great wisdom and foolishness. Today's proof is really good." Bao Xing smiled faintly and said, "Are you the Great Hero Tianjing in the Meteor Sword Scene?" Jing Zhongtian smiled and said, "My brother has been out of Jianghu for a long time. He is old." "My brother has been famous for a long time," said Bao Xing. "I have the honor to meet him today." Jing Zhongtian sighed and said, "Mang Mang China is full of thorns.". The brothers are unable to cut through the thorns, so they have to be good at themselves and hide in the mountains. "Brother Jing," said Bao Xing, "if he hadn't been hiding in the mountains, I'm afraid he would have been under the command of Ersheng Gate." Murong Yunsheng said in a low voice, "The three monsters of the Snow Mountain are coming." wWw xiaoshuo txt.coM Chapter 32 Plan to Resist a Strong Enemy "T" xt novel paradise Bao Xing looked up and saw the three monsters of the snow mountain, riding horses and standing outside the shop, six eyes,Precision steel tubes, together in the shop. The middle-aged woman, with two men and two women, stood in the doorway. cbiesautomotive.com

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