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Overview of the most complete fishing tools in history (detailed, large quantity, professional) Full-time Job

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Internal fishing: male cone, retractable fishing spear, casing fishing spear, external hook, back-off, fishing spear. Others: Strong magnetic fishing device, reverse circulation strong magnetic fishing device, fishing cup, reverse circulation strong magnetic fishing basket, reverse circulation,dhd drill bit, ring fishing basket. 3 Expand the full text String fishing tool 1. Retractable slip overshot 1) Purpose: It is a special fishing tool for fishing drill collar, drill pipe, tubing and other columnar fish from outside in drilling and workover engineering. It is designed according to the outside diameter of drill collars, drill pipe, tubing, joints, couplings and other well pipes. When the fish is caught and can not be fished out, the fishing drum can be withdrawn from the fish and lifted back to the ground. In addition, the slip overshot can carry out high-pressure mud circulation after catching the fish. It is also provided with a milling shoe which can effectively repair the top of the fish and is convenient for the fish to enter the overshot smoothly. 2) Structure: Consists of an upper joint, a cylinder body and a guide shoe. It is composed of grappling slip, packing and milling shoe or control ring, as shown in the figure below. 6) "A" shaped packing It is a rubber short cylinder with a sealing lip inside, which is used for sealing between the outer diameter of the fish and the inner wall of the cylinder. It is used with spiral slips of various sizes and is installed on the upper part of the cylinder. Use the inclined plane at the lower end of the upper joint to compress it properly,dth drilling hammer, which is airtight. When using the basket slip, there is no obstacle to install the "A" packing. 7) "R" type packing It has a sealing lip on the inner surface and an outer surface bonded to the inner groove of the control ring, and is used with basket slips of various sizes. 8) Common accessories Enlarge the guide shoe: increase the fishing area Wall Hook: Used when the top of the fish is biased against the wall of the well. Extended short joint: used when the fishing position is too far from the top of the fish. Enlarge the guide shoe: increase the fishing area Wall Hook: Used when the top of the fish is biased against the wall of the well. Extended short joint: used when the fishing position is too far from the top of the fish. Fishing and withdrawal mechanism: The fishing parts of the overshot are spiral slips and basket slips. Because the wide serrated threads on the outside and the fishing teeth on the inside are left-handed threads, the clearance between them and the cylinder is large, so that the slips can expand and contract in a certain stroke in the cylinder. When the fish is introduced into the overshot, the slip goes up in the cylinder as long as an axial pressure is applied. Because of the axial pressure, the fish enters the slip, at this time, the slip goes up and expands, and its hard and sharp slip teeth are used to bite and clamp the fish by elastic force. When the upper bailing column is used, the slips move relatively downward in the barrel. Because the longitudinal section of the wide saw-tooth thread is a conical inclined plane, the slip must carry the heavy fish to move to the small end of the cone. At this time, the greater the weight of the fish, the tighter it is, and the whole weight is transmitted to the cylinder by the slip. The wide serrated thread of the cylinder and the internal and external threads of the slip are left-handed threads. After the slip is matched with the cylinder body, the control card or the control ring also restrains its rotation, so when releasing the fish, as long as a certain pressure is applied and the fishing column is rotated clockwise, the fishing cylinder can be withdrawn from the fish. Because the catching tooth is a multi-head left-hand thread, the withdrawal speed is faster. 2. Retractable slip spear 1) Structure The spear is composed of mandrel, slip, release ring, cone, etc. Each type of spear is equipped with different sizes of slips for use in fishing. 2) Application It is a tool for fishing from the inner hole of the fish. It is mainly used to fish the sand control string, down the hole bit ,Mining Drilling Equipment, tubing, sand control string, casing, etc. It can be used with the inner cutter, jar and other tools.Once the downhole tool is stuck, the drill string above the stuck point can be removed by means of the safety joint, and it can also be butted when drilling again. 200,dth drill bits,000 | 300,000 | 400,000 A high-paying position as an engineer ↓↓ Click "Read the original article" to find a high-paying job. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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