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One mom, four dads. Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Jose   189 views
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 Yi Tianbao's handsome face became dark and unclear. He put forward the suspicion in his heart: "Did you all eat your mother? So even you can't be sure." Originally the tone of doubt, but when Yi Tianbao said it, it was a positive tone. Never had the color of embarrassment appeared on the faces of four people like the favored son of heaven, they are really very derelict, even because they are pregnant and give birth to such a critical moment they are not around her. Yi Tianbao took a deep breath to ease his burning anger. They deserve to die! It was no wonder that since he had been conscious, his mother had always shown that sad look, which she had tried to hide, but he could still feel. Originally thought that they were abandoned by that,Warehouse storage racks, but did not think that this is the reason, not to mention whether their mother loves them or not is still unknown, and they had a relationship with their mother five years ago, and still four people. "Anyway, you are our son, and that's the way it is." The dark charm coughed to hide his embarrassment. Yes,Narrow aisle rack, Bao is their child. No matter who he is, he is their son. No way How did this happen? Don't you and Ye Qing. Long for Mei Feifei finally cleared up his thoughts, and for that astonishing thing, he was stunned for a long time before he asked slowly and hesitantly. Ye Qing and the four of them. OhMy God This thing is really shocking. ……” They are determined not to respond together, but it is this that makes Mei Feifei more sure of his own ideas. They really lean with Ye. Mei Feifei's mouth is open and her eyes are round. This fact is too. No wonder every time she asked Ye Qing or the melancholy man why he was looking for her and whether he knew her, she looked cold and alienated. Originally there is this relationship between them, but Ye Qing is not voluntary, this is what kind of torture is what kind of entanglement. "What do you want to do now?" Mei Feifei looked at them seriously, no longer the previous nymphomaniac heavy color state, they and her most important friend happened such a thing and treasure, she can see that their identity is not ordinary people, their attitude to Ye Qing is also complicated and confusing, Ye Qing has no love for them, radio shuttle racking ,Cantilever Storage rack, how can they solve this situation? "As I said yesterday, there will be no change." Hong Ze Shang first expressed his attitude.  Together, they are all following the trajectory of fate. Chapter 97 sensational events. Floating life is like this, time is like a dream. A month,Pallet rack upright, but in a flash. In this month, the most sensational thing is that the famous three families have established branches in this ancient city of Italy. Although their headquarters are still in the mainland, the branches of the three families are not built wherever they want. omracking.com

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