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My concubine is very charming Full-time Job

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Zixiu has always been proud, that day she was asked to enter the paddock hunting, but so embarrassed to return, the mood will not be good. Wei Guifei nodded, "Thank you for saving Xiuxiu that day, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable." "Xiao Zhi just did his job. He is both a guard and the cousin of the princess. The princess should take it for granted. Aunt doesn't have to thank her." Wei Guifei nodded, "Xiao Zhi is a good boy." She looked up at Ann and said pointedly, "I also heard that Xiao Zhi rolled around on the ground with Xiuxiu in his arms that day.." With a shock in his heart, he clenched his cuffs with his fingers. "In fact, it can't be said that he rolled around on the ground. Xiao Zhi just picked it up when the princess landed and immediately got up to chase the frightened horse. And the scene at that time was only seen by me and Wang Ye. We would never say anything to damage the princess's name." When she finished, she looked up slightly and saw Zixiu coming out of the quilt a little, eavesdropping with her ears up. Concubine Wei smiled and said, "Oh, Xiao Zhi is old enough to get married. Has your brother-in-law engaged him?" An's fingers trembled slightly, Wei Guifei actually hit the idea on Anzhi, Zixiu unruly and willful, but also the daughter of the enemy, she must not let Anzhi marry Zixiu, and will never let Anzhi be used by Wei Guifei. She took a deep breath and looked up at Wei Guifei. She said quietly,plastic wheelie bins, "Aunt, you know that Zhu Xiangrong has just passed away. Xiao Zhi is as close to her as mother and son. He is very sad. So Xiao Zhi decided to observe filial piety for her for three years. His father understood Xiao Zhi's filial piety, so he decided to marry Xiao Zhi three years later." At this moment, she was very grateful to Wei Guifei for handing this chess piece to her. If Wei Guifei hadn't killed Zhu Xiangrong, she couldn't find a reason to shirk it at the moment. Zixiu angrily pulled the quilt back and covered her whole head. Wei Guifei frowned slightly, "Zhu Xiangrong is not Xiaozhi's biological mother after all, is it too much to observe filial piety for three years?"? My brother-in-law has only one son,plastic trash bins, so he should be allowed to get married early and spread his branches and leaves to settle down. With a low sigh, Ann pretended to be depressed and said, "I think so, too. It's just that Xiao Zhi is stubborn. He can't pull back the eight horses he believes in. I can't persuade him. My father thinks he's not stable enough to take care of a family and lacks experience, so he's not in a hurry to marry him." Wei Guifei's eyes were filled with disappointment, and she couldn't help feeling a little annoyed. If she had known earlier, she would have left Zhu Xiangrong's cheap life for a while longer. Zhu Xiangrong was an eyesore when she was alive, and she was in her way when she died. She was really a bitch. She forced a smile and said, "Well, I can only respect Xiao Zhi's choice." Ann breathed a sigh of relief, this matter is temporarily shirked in the past, she accompanied Wei Guifei to talk for a while, then got up to leave, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet bin, rushed out of the palace, straight to Anfu. General Ann was pleasantly surprised to see her back. "Oh, you're back." "Dad." Ann raised her smile. An Kui and General An sat down. General An asked about the summer hunting. An Kui answered one by one. Then he said directly, "Dad, I just sent Sun Niang to the palace and came out of the palace. When I went to visit Princess Zixiu, I met Concubine Wei. Listening to her, it seems that I intend to let Xiao Zhi marry Zixiu." General An suddenly showed a surprised expression, "Princess Zixiu." This An continued, "Zixiu is unruly and willful. Xiaozhi is straightforward and impulsive. She can't stand Zixiu's temper. If they are together, they will become a resentful couple." An Kui also can't say with general an, can't let an stop and purple show together the real reason, general an if you know the truth, first, he may be impulsive into the palace directly killed Wei Guifei, second, if he knew it was Zhu Xiangrong killed Wei Qing Ning, must be self-reproach unceasingly, I don't know what to do, he is old, these years in the battlefield a lot of injuries, Ann couldn't bear to let him suffer such a blow again. General An's face became serious and he hesitated for a moment. "Oh, you're right. Xiaozhi is really not suitable for Princess Zixiu. You and Yaoyao are married to the royal family. Our family must not marry the royal family again. Otherwise, it will cause more fear among the ministers. I'm going to tell Your Majesty.". ” General An said that he was about to get up. He pulled him hurriedly. "Dad, I have told Wei Guifei that Xiao Zhi wants to keep filial piety for Zhu Xiangrong and shirked it. I'm worried that Wei Guifei will not give up and will look for you again, so I'll tell you to let you have a preparation." Wei Guifei now gave up An Yao, An Kui and her centrifugal, she will be worried about General An standing on the side of Qi Yu, so eager to win over General An, An Zhi is the only son of General An, more useful than to win over An Kui, so she will never give up easily, and because of this, An Kui hurried to tell General An. What kind of filial piety did Xiao Zhi help that evil woman keep! General An said angrily. He could not help the anger in his heart when he mentioned Zhu Xiangrong. "It's just a temporary expedient," said An Kui. "That's all. I'm sorry that I can't get married for the time being." "Don't worry. He hasn't done anything right all day. He looks like he hasn't grown up. It's not too late to wait a few more years." See general Ann said so, Ann was completely relieved. She talked with General An for a long time, and after lunch, she left Anfu and went to the cloud boudoir. No big event happened during this period of time. Lin Wanrou managed it in good order, which made her feel comfortable. The women in Qingxian County became more and more independent. They were grateful that she had given them a new life and were very loyal to her. She gradually began to select some of the more capable ones and sent them to other places to open branches. He kept some of the pearls awarded by Emperor Jingyun, and the rest were made into jewelry for sale in the boudoir of cloud clothes. When Lin Wanrou saw these full and round pearls, her eyes lit up and she said with a hearty smile, "Oh, where did you find the pearls? These pearls are bright in color and even better than the ones she bought last time." An said with a smile,wholesale plastic pallet, "These are all tributes. They are all good things. The prince asked for them from Your Majesty." Lin Wanrou was keenly aware of the tenderness in her expression when she mentioned Qi Yu, and she could not help smiling, knowing that their feelings must have progressed. cnplasticpallet.com

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