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Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Full-time Job

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Zhai Sheng pulled the corners of his mouth, and he was particularly reluctant to answer Nannan's question. Qiaonan clearly rubbed his temple, a Qiu Chenxi has not given up, this is a transfer student, next time, she should add one more question, she wants to ask clearly, Zhai eldest brother in the end how many "good sister". However, Zhai eldest brother just explained to her, this transfer student looks not a stupid, then her relationship with Zhai eldest brother, is not? Zhai Sheng's finger tapped gently on Qiaonan's desktop, so that Qiaonan could rest assured that the relationship between them was known by Shi Qing, and the problem was not big. Don't worry? Qiaonan said that she could not rest assured that she was so worried that her stomach hurt. If the transfer student told Aunt Miao about their relationship, she had worked so hard and hid it for so long, wouldn't all her previous efforts be wasted? Qiaonan scratched his scalp, forget it, take one step at a time, and more importantly, the final consideration is just around the corner. Chen Jun, a transfer student, she has to put all these messy things aside. After sending Shi Qing, Zhai Sheng did not delay in Pingcheng High School and left soon. Although Qiaonan told himself, to put his mind on learning, as for Shi Qing can only put aside,faux ficus tree, such as Shi Qing made a move, she said goodbye. But to Qiaonan's surprise, after Zhai Sheng left, Shi Qing changed her previous attitude of great interest in herself, but ignored herself, or completely regarded her as an ordinary classmate, how to say hello at ordinary times, neither like Qiu Chenxi's frowning at Qiaonan, nor like Xu Tingting's complete disregard for Qiaonan.Normal to let QiaoNan confused. What happened to you With only a week left before the final exam,artificial grass panels, Qiaonan finished lunch and returned to the classroom to conquer the last question. Who knows, he saw Zhu Baoguo's clothes were in a mess, and his hair was even stained with a few grass. He came back in a mess. One second, Zhu Baoguo, who was grinning with pain, pulled his face back and tried to make himself look normal: "It's all right, it's all right." "It's all right. What happened to your pants? Did the dust go up with your pants?" Qiaonan cast her eyes on Zhu Baoguo's trousers. Zhu Baoguo hung his head and saw that the appearance of the grey tip was actually a small footprint. He was so angry that his face was blue. What kind of woman was this? It was clearly a monster! Than he this man will fight, so many days to find his trouble, narrow-minded! Only then did Zhu Baoguo pat the footprints on his trousers clean. Shi Qing, wearing a set of sportswear, did not see any of the quiet lady she had been when she transferred to school that day. She seemed to be a little more ruffian. She hummed some unknown tune in her mouth and walked into the classroom with great joy. When she passed by Zhu Baoguo, she gave a disdainful "cut". Zhu Baoguo was so angry that he clenched his fist and wished he could fight with Shi Qing again. But when he thought of Shi Qing's force value, which was not like a woman, Zhu Baoguo could only lay down his flag. Joe, let me tell you something. "What is it?" Seeing Zhu Baoguo deliberately lowering his voice to speak to himself, Qiaonan asked with cooperation. That Shi Qing, you must not offend, faux grass wall ,large artificial blossom trees, wait until the beginning of the next semester, you can offend whatever you want. "Why?" Why should she offend Shi Qing, and why can't she offend Shi Qing now, but only next semester? "This.." Zhu Baoguo suffocated to blush, he can not tell Xiao Qiao, Shi Qing this woman is too violent, as in the army, he not only can not beat Shi Qing, but also by Shi Qing no defense! If Xiao Qiao offends Shi Qing, he wants to help Xiao Qiao, but he can't help him. He can't beat Shi Qing. So, wait for his summer vacation, and then go to the army to hone their skills, when the time comes, he will be able to support Xiao Qiao, Xiao Qiao also need not let Shi Qing. It's done. Don't say it if you don't want to. Seeing that Zhu Baoguo was so red that he was about to burst his blood vessels, Qiaonan quickly stopped: "You can rest assured that the exam is coming. Do you think I usually provoke people?" What's more, it's not a question of whether she will provoke Shi Qing or not, but whether Shi Qing will let her go. Shi Qing unexpectedly can let the small overlord Zhu Baoguo all avoid her edge, this is Qiaonan most did not think of. In the face of Zhu Baoguo's kind reminder, Qiaonan still only lives her own life, reviews well, and makes final preparations for the coming final exam. And Shi Qing seems to be more serious than himself, no time to be distracted attitude also let Qiaonan rest assured a lot, it seems that Shi Qing, like her, is very serious about learning, not Zhu Baoguo said so terrible, no wonder that day Zhai eldest brother let her rest assured, it's all right. Although only a short period of less than a month together, Qiaonan's impression of Shi Qing is not much, just a little, usually not particularly talkative, at most like to stare with Zhu Baoguo. Shi Qing's serious attitude towards learning is no less than her own. It can be said that after the rebirth of Qiaonan met these women, in addition to their own several dormitories, Shi Qing is the one that saves her the most effort. Shi Qing really like Zhai eldest brother, Shi Qing transferred to Class One of Senior One, in the end for what, how can she not understand? Know Qiaonan heart perturbed and doubt, Shi Qing still has no reaction, Qiaonan love how to think, anyway, her purpose will not change. I finally have to think about it tomorrow. If I review like this every day, I will lose weight. I'd better die early and be born early. Tang Mengran tired lying on the table, said the words are full of resentment: "Nannan, or hello, the first grade, there is no need to worry about the exam." "Not necessarily." Sitting behind Qiaonan, Shi Qing closed the book and expressed her opinion for the first time in front of Qiaonan: "Grade one, it's time to sit down." Chapter 464 of the main text. As soon as Shi Qing's words came out, the classroom was quiet. You know, even though Qiaonan only entered Pingcheng High School for more than a semester, she almost took the first place in all the first grades of senior high school. It is Qiaonan who is so strong and unrivaled, so the senior students have even acquiesced in Qiaonan's first grade. Examination,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Qiaonan, who competes with the front. Today, no one dares to stand up and challenge Qiaonan. How can this not make the students of Class One feel particularly strange. hacartificialtree.com

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