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Live in a high-risk world and become a farmer. Full-time Job

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“……” Dreya choked on her frankness and said maliciously, "This is Yoshihara, a paradise for men and a hell for women. No matter where you come from, you can't expect to leave easily if you make trouble." Oh, it's Hualiu Street. Although the name of this place and the name of Yoshihara in the memory of Zaoyue's previous life made her feel a little subtle, she didn't think much about it and shook her head at the uncle in front of her. That's not necessarily true. And then she immediately took the initiative. The two sides were on the verge of a battle. After several rounds of fists and feet, Zao Yue further confirmed his guess that the people here really didn't have so many strange abilities, and the fights were all purely physical skills. Found that the strength of this uncle is still a little bit interesting, but. It's still too weak for Zao Yue, who can use chakra and has a fairy body. When Dileya first received the fist of Zao Yue, he found that such a child could wield amazing strength and had a bad guess. Unfortunately, just at this time, Zao Yue felt hungry and wanted to make a quick decision to find food, so before he could adjust his strategy, he was caught by Zao Yue's ankle with a quick eye and a quick hand. Then, Zao Yue just threw it out of the railing with her ordinary strength. The whole person was like a baseball, the whole person was thrown out in the form of a parabola, and then with a loud noise, the whole person embedded in the opposite wall thirty or forty meters away. ……” What the fuck Dad,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, is it really okay for me to do this? It's just that the people here are weak, right?! Zao Yue was also shocked by the effect of this throw, watching her hand fall into silence, she felt that she had just been very restrained. Finally, she happily chose to believe that the people in this place were too weak. After a slight consternation, Zao Yue felt that the noise was so loud that it was estimated that the other guards in the building had been alarmed, so instead of slowly checking the rooms in the corridor,Brushless Gear Motor, she climbed over the fence and jumped down to the first floor. She was looking for the location of the kitchen when suddenly, her instinctive sense of crisis made her notice that there was a strong existence not far away. Tirea, how can you make so much noise even swatting a fly? Disturbed by the fighting outside, the Night King Impatiens, who came out of the room on the first floor, was discontented. Then he saw the ground Leia embedded in the wall, and then his eyes turned to Zao Yue. Seeing the slightly pale complexion compared with ordinary people, as well as the strange force that can smash people into the wall, he subconsciously regarded Zao Yue as a kindred. Tut, the night rabbit cub is really restless. Night Wang Fengxian thought of the little devil Shenwei who challenged him as soon as he found the opportunity when he was on the ship of Chunyu. And Zao Yue also cautiously looked at the old man who was about fifty or sixty years old. On the other hand, he looked dignified and energetic. Even when he smiled, he was still in a bad mood. Although he was wearing a Chinese-style robe with a tall collar, he could not see his figure, gear reduction motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, but it was not difficult to imagine that there was a knot of muscles under his thick shoulders. Hello! Son of a bitch, where's your guardian? Why did you let one of them out to get into trouble? "Dad is too busy with world peace to take care of me." Zao Yue grinned and said, "Well, I didn't mean to disturb you, Grandpa, or just let me go back to the ground?" "You disturb the order here and hurt the guards here. If you let you go like this, it will damage my reputation as the Night King. In the future, people outside will really think that I am old and don't care." Although not happy to be disturbed, but to see the potential of the bold cub, the warlike nature of the night rabbit makes the night king impatiens a bit itchy. Hearing what he said, Zao Yue knew that this matter could not be so good. Sure enough, then the Night King Impatiens said, "Well, little devil, you accompany me for a few moves. If you can hit me head-on, I'll let you go back." "Yes." Zao Yue didn't ask what would happen if she couldn't get it. After Reya got himself out of the wall over there, he hurried away without dealing with the injury. Nonsense. He doesn't want to get involved in the battle scene of two night rabbits. Seeing that the moon was fearless, the night king impatiens immediately laughed heartily, but the next second, his body burst out with a murderous look that almost suppressed people to the point where they could not move. Stimulated by this murderous look, Zao Yue's eyes reflexively turned red. Yo, this little bastard's eyes will change color. As soon as the night king impatiens raised her eyebrows slightly, she swung her fist three steps and made two steps, and attacked directly with a speed that the naked eye could not keep up with. Zao Yue immediately blocked it with two overlapping palms. So fast! Zao Yue was startled, and the speed of the other side's attack was so fast that she didn't even have time to seal. As the strongest fighting race in the universe, the top of the night rabbit, the strength of the night king impatiens is naturally not blown out by the outside world alone. Even if you don't know how to perform ninjutsu, strength alone is enough to destroy everything, which is probably the so-called simplification of complexity. When a certain ability is practiced to the extreme, it still breaks all methods. After the summoned trees were instantly destroyed by the other side, Zao Yue simply stopped setting aside time to seal, and directly used Chakra to further strengthen, to meet the other side with simple fists and feet, and to compete in physical skills. Then gradually, Zao Yue found that there was nothing wrong with fighting like this. It was the first time for her to enjoy the pure pleasure of fighting, and the other side was very open and aboveboard, not worried about cheating at all. You don't have to restrain your own strength and enjoy yourself as you do when you compete with your classmates and teachers, and you don't have to calculate the arrival time of the three generations as you do when you deal with Tuan Zang. There is only one goal in your mind-to hit each other and beat each other harder. But not yet, her eyes could not keep up with each other's movements. Even if the night king impatiens has not the young share of the spirit, now just want to provide for the aged in the earth, but the accumulated strength is not easy to surpass. Want to see more clearly, want to see more clearly! The simple battle with the strong, let the algae month that is under tremendous pressure,Gear Reduction Motor, but also unprecedented excitement, her warlike factor was fully mobilized, full of thoughts want to defeat each other. ichgearmotor.com

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