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Ji Qiang (Ji Keqiang)-Phantom of the Cypress Garden Full-time Job

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"Not yet, Entong." Bo Yumo shook his head apologetically, and his dark eyes glanced at Bo Enbai, who had been sitting in the corner of the table, bowing his head and keeping silent. Dad also wants to apologize to Eun-bae. The little girl looked at her brother. "Yes." She stuck out her tongue playfully. "I almost forgot about Enbai.". My brother was scared to death by you just now, and my father should apologize. "I know." Bo Yumo took a deep breath and approached Bo Enbai. Two steps away from Enbai, he suddenly stopped and hesitated. It was the encouraging eyes of Hailan that gave him courage. Eun-bae. He tried to call his son. Bai Enbai did not respond. "Eun Bai," he called again, pleading, "will you look up at Papa?" The little boy shivered and at last raised his head. Bai Yumo's whole body shook. Eun-baek's beautiful and unusual eyes were deeper than usual, but they also showed more obvious fear than usual, and this fear was all caused by him. I'm sorry, Eun-bae. I'm sorry. He suddenly crouched down in front of his son, his voice hoarse and his heart throbbing slightly. Dad must have scared you. Don't be afraid. Dad's not really angry. It's just a moment. He hesitated and did not know how to explain to Enbai the mood that had just been like a storm. When he was at a loss, Ji Hailan extended a helping hand thoughtfully. She crouched down on the other side of Enbai, with a gentle smile that belonged to her mother. Eun-bae, listen to your mother. Everyone will be angry. For example, if someone you don't know wants to hug you,plastic pallet price, Eun Bai will also be angry, right? Her gentle words grabbed Enbai's attention, and a pair of black eyes turned to her mother. Dad was angry just now, but not because of Enbai, nor because of Entong, but because of Mom. Bai Enbai frowned slightly and reached out to her with a pair of small hands. She smiled and took him in her arms. His eyes fixed on her intently, as if to ask why. Because dad thought mom was lying to him. He thought that today's dish was cooked by Mrs. Zhang,collapsible pallet bin, not by his mother. He thought that his mother was lying. She winked mischievously at her son. "What a stupid father, isn't he?" Bai Enbai gazed at her quietly for a long time, and his black eyes, which were as deep as a cold pool, could not see any thoughts. But in the end he seemed to accept her explanation, and his little face turned to his father. Bo Yumo's heart was beating wildly. He saw that his son was seeking his recognition. He immediately nodded, "Dad is too stupid.". Eun-bae, dad knows he's wrong. "Eun-bae, come." Ji Hailan took one of his small hands and pulled Bai Yumo, "Touch Dad's face." Bai Yu Mo Wen Yan, the whole body stiff congealed. He watched Hailan hold Enbai's little hand and touch him. At the moment of touching his cheek, Enbai's little hand suddenly shrank and retreated. A wave of disappointment came over him immediately. Don't be afraid, Eun-bae. Try again. Daddy is waiting. Ji Hailan encouraged Enbai again. This time, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet suppliers, she did not force his hand, let him decide whether to reach out or not. The atmosphere fell silent for a moment. Bai Yumo stared at his son, who also looked at him quietly. It seemed as if a century had passed before Enbai finally reached out to him slowly and touched him gently. He held his breath and did not dare to move, for fear that if he moved, he would frighten Enbai away. His reaction seemed to encourage Enbai, who reached out his other hand and touched his father's other cheek. This is the first time that Enbai has touched him. Bai Yumo gasped, and for a moment he could not restrain himself and shed tears unconsciously. He raised his eyes and looked at Ji Hailan through a thin mist of tears. Thank you He dared not make a sound and thanked her silently with his lips. She shook her head, and the only response was two lines of tears from her eyes. Chapter 8 A man came quietly into her room, dressed lightly and walking gently. Who She blinked, trying desperately to catch sight of the figure bearing down on her. The figure was tall, not knowing whether it was the dark night that lengthened his shadow, or whether he was so tall. She blinked again, trying to recognize the figure's face hidden in the dark, but his outline was blurred, as if he were close to her, as if he were far away from her. You What on earth do you want to do? The figure's mouth grinned, and a strange laugh escaped, and two rows of white teeth shone sullenly. You.. There you go again! Who the hell are you? Her voice trembled, she clutched at the sheets, and she drew back desperately. The figure was close to her, close to her, just like the last time. He stretched out a pair of bone-like talons, clasped her neck, and then locked, locked, locked. Once again, she felt dyspnea and her mind fell into a haze. "Help, help!"! Who can help me? "Wake up, Hailan, you're dreaming, wake up!" The gentle voice invaded her consciousness, and she murmured, desperately searching for the source of the sound. Hailan, wake up. It's Yu Mo. He came to save her? "Yu Mo, help me." "I'm here. Open your eyes. I'm here." Open your eyes. She ordered herself. Don't let the phantom of the dream haunt you again-she finally overcame the darkness that threatened to submerge her and opened her eyes. Yu Mo. Seeing Bai Yumo sitting on the edge of the bed, holding her hand tightly and writing anxious and worried on her face, she felt relieved and suddenly enlightened. Yu Mo. She shouted again, her lips slightly raised. You had a nightmare. His voice was low and soft, and he gently wiped the sweat from her forehead with his sleeve. "Are you all right?" "It's okay." "You were the same the night you came back from Ji's house." He stared at her intently. "Is it the same nightmare?" "Mmm." "Remember what kind of dream it was?" "A little." She nodded and whispered, "I just remember someone pinching me with their hands." "Someone pinched you?" Bai Yumo's face suddenly turned pale, holding her hand tightly, oozing hot sweat,plastic pallet manufacturer, "You." Did you see who it was? His voice trembled slightly. I can't see clearly. I just remember that I was very nervous and confused at that time. The fear she had experienced in the dream seemed to strike her again, and the shadow of the night seemed to reappear before her eyes, and she could not help shivering. I'm scared. binpallet.com

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