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I'm back from the war. Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Jose   34 views
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For centuries at the beginning of the Common Era, the schools here were considered the best for philosophy, rhetoric, and oratory, and even Greek students came to study here. Gaza has fertile land, abundant fresh water, surrounded by orchards, producing grapes, bananas, wild figs, oranges and olives. The area near Gaza City is about 40 kilometers long and 6 to 8 kilometers wide,magnetic separator machine, covering an area of about 300 square kilometers, known as the "Gaza Strip". It was administered by Egypt after the first Middle East War in 1948, the "Palestine War", and occupied by Israel after the third Middle East War in 1967, the "Six-Day War". The population of the Gaza Strip is mainly Palestinians, with a small number of nomadic Bedouins (Arab nomadic Arabs in the Arab region and the desert areas of North Africa). "Bedouin" means "nomad living in a tent" in Arabic. In 1978, Sadat and Begin reached a ceasefire between Egypt and Israel,Carbon in Pulp, and Israel declared the autonomy of Gaza, but so far it has not fulfilled its promise. On February 4, the Israeli government agreed to allow some journalists to enter the Gaza Strip under martial law. I rented a car to go to Gaza with Takashi Matsukawa and Yoshioka from Tokyo Shimbun, Taanfitt from tempo magazine in Indonesia and yuan Guoqiang from Asia News in Hong Kong. Traveling southward out of Tel Aviv, groups of "Patriot" missiles can be seen along the way, excavators are building new launching positions, and uh-1h Huey armed helicopters pass by the sky from time to time. Wheeled transporters carrying light tanks can occasionally be encountered on the road. A C-130 Hercules transport plane on the right front is flying in the direction of Gaza. At the entrance of the Gaza Strip, twenty or thirty journalists from various countries have gathered at the sentry box waiting to go through the formalities of entering Gaza. There is a fast food restaurant on a van, which is surprisingly expensive. I bought a sandwich-like cake and a can of Coca-Cola and charged me 40 shekels, or more than $20. Bored of waiting, Miss Wang Limei of Taiwan's "China Times" simply took a photo with the Israeli troops carrying M-16 rifles. An Israeli soldier named Amir pestered Wang Limei for her address, "because this is the first time she has taken a photo with a girl.". Seeing that I was curious about the rifle, gold cil machine ,coltan ore processing, Amir simply took off his "Jalil" and let me have a good time.  Several jeeps protecting us blocked the intersection, and the soldiers jumped out of their cars, flat-armed with Jalil rifles, and spread their legs, ready to fight at any time. The walls were covered with colorful anti-Israeli slogans, dozens of angry eyes flashed in a small window on the roof of a two-story building facing the street, and all the Palestinians were locked up in their homes. A fellow Hong Kong reporter told me that since the Gulf crisis, Gaza has been under martial law,manganese beneficiation plant, and because Palestinians cannot leave home to work, their food sources are basically cut off, and they cannot make a living by going out for three to five hours a day. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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