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I have special communication skills. Full-time Job

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Bathroom is very small and dirty, many people share one, Yang Mianmian pulled Deng Manling and Deng Manyun in, and then locked the door, there is only one transom, so the two women who accompanied them did not suspect. Yang Mianmian took out a bag from the toilet lid, which was her mobile phone: "Mianmian, it stinks here, when can we go.." Deng Manyun is stupefied: "Is the mobile phone taken away by them?" In order to prevent them from calling the police, after arriving here, the mobile phone was forcibly taken away by them in the name of custody, and the call must be under their surveillance. It's a model. I just borrowed it on the way here. Yang Mianmian just stayed at the roadside stall selling mobile phones and MP3 players for two seconds, and borrowed a model of a mobile phone by the way. There was no difference at all from the appearance. Deng Manling: "…" My classmates are so cool that I am speechless! Past events When the police rushed in, they heard panicked footsteps in the toilet. Someone wanted to come into the toilet, but Yang Mianmian had blocked the door with a mop stick to prevent them from crashing in. After about ten minutes, the door was kicked open and several men in uniform strode in: "Don't move, police!" " "It's us." Deng Manling originally wanted to say that we called the police, but Yang Mianmian covered her mouth and squatted down, saying in her ear: "They know that we called the police, do you still want to walk out of here alive?" Deng Manling suddenly squatted down to show that she did not resist. The police took everyone here away. After arriving at the police station and being detained separately, they were released. A police officer took them to a small room next to them and sat down. A tall man came in: "Who is Deng Manling?" Deng Manling raised her hand: "Me." "You called the police?" "Yes." To the police station, sister and friends are around, Deng Manling finally not so afraid, orderly answer the police's questions. And Yang Mianmian was looking at this man. He looked about thirty or forty years old. He had a square face. Although he looked ordinary, he had an upright face. He looked like a policeman, but his eyes were a little fierce. His muscles were too developed and there was no sense of beauty. There was a strong smell of smoke on his body. Yes, she came to the conclusion that her family's police millet is not only Yan Zheng figure is also good, the key is that since they were together, she has not seen Jingchu smoking again, compared to this smelly man simply can not be better. All right, you can go back after you finish your statement. The police officer waved the man away. When Yang Mianmian passed in front of him, he frowned. "Are you Yang Mianmian?" "Yes." "Your assertiveness has brought great trouble to our work!" He emphasized his tone and looked unhappy. "I hope you can obey the arrangement of the police instead of making your own decisions." From Jing Chu's mouth, Yang Mianmian would fall out, not to mention the stranger: "You should thank me for informing the police of their stronghold in time, and it is your duty to serve the people, inflatable water slide , isn't it?"? I'm a law-abiding citizen. It was your dereliction of duty that I didn't receive anyone. I said I would come to the station to pick you up, but you asked us to come by ourselves. It's my fault to meet them on the way. "Rhetoric." He said coldly, "if it wasn't for." "Isn't it for the sake of Jingchu that you don't investigate your case?" Yang Mianmian raised his eyebrows. "I want to know why you are so hostile to me. What did I do wrong? Do you want to do everything against me?" "What do you have worth targeting?" He asked in reply, packed up the papers and went out. Yang Mianmian was puzzled and called Jingchu to complain. After hearing this, he sighed: "Mianmian, he used to work in another branch office like me. At that time, I just retired. He was my senior. But later, when I arrived in Nancheng, he was transferred to Guangxi. Do you know what the reason is?" “…… Isn't it easy to guess? He has a bad temper, speaks straight, offends people, and is not as good-looking as you. ” "Cough, Huang Xu's temper is not very good, and indeed offended a lot of people, but he will be transferred to such a remote place all of a sudden, in fact, because of a mistake in a case, it is also a serial murder case, which has caused a great sensation, and Zhou Dazhi's case is a bit like that, it is a robbery case that specializes in picking women in red. There was no clue to the case at that time, and the sister of one of the victims said she was willing to be the bait to draw out the murderer. Jing Chu said here, Yang Mianmian had already guessed the ending: "." She's dead and the killer's not caught? "Yes, at that time, as a vice captain, he was very guilty, and later the case was never solved, he was held accountable for the transfer, so he was very disgusted with the behavior of others who thought they could catch the murderer." Jing Chu explained softly on the other end of the phone. Yang Mianmian sighed and did not speak. Huang Xu stood outside smoking. Not long after he lit it, his cell phone rang. He picked it up and said, "Are you here to ask for punishment?" "There is no such thing. Our family is not so stingy." Jing Chu tone is very gentle, do not want to stimulate this senior, "she just does not know how to say with you, so ask me to pass a message." "What words?" "There's something on the ceiling of the office. You can look for it. It's in the mezzanine." Jing Chu finished, paused for a moment before saying, "Don't blame yourself any more. After so many years, if you want to leave there, you can leave long ago. You just don't want to face it,inflatable amusement park, but the murderer still hasn't been found. You shouldn't be so depressed." "It's been more than ten years. Can the murderer still be found?" Huang Xu asked in reply. Jing Chu said slowly, "Did you hear about the case of the butcher on a rainy night in Nancheng?" "Yes, but they have nothing in common except a preference for the woman in red." What Huang Xu said shows that he has never given up looking for the murderer. joyshineinflatables.com

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