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Heard that the bamboo horse wants to ascend (childhood sweetheart) Full-time Job

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 Of course, this is not the credit of Wu Xin, it is Gu Muyang this all-round development of excellent students too eye-catching, a little bit of any sign of trouble can surprise junior high school teachers with loudspeakers in the high school to spread a clear. The teacher in charge of the class in the third year of junior high school suspected them at first, but later he saw that they sat at the same table and had no further development. He also found out the family background of Gu Muyang and Wu Xin. He really regarded them as good friends, so he was relieved. He was relieved, from his mouth to ask Gu Muyang's teacher will be relieved, what to worry about? The families of both sides are as close as a family. Can they still beat them when they are teachers? Ah, no, to sow discord? Teacher Li is meaningfully looking at Gu Muyang meditation, Gu Muyang has pulled Wu Xin up, "Wu Xin is like myself, she is sick injection,Glass Cosmestic Containers, even if I sit in the classroom also have no mind to study.". Teacher, you can rest assured that I will make up for the delayed homework. Before Teacher Li could speak, Gu Muyang lowered his head and asked Wu Xin softly, "Can you walk?" Wu Xin praised his acting skills in his heart, and felt guilty because he pulled Gu Muyang into the water in a muddle. He was thinking about how to let Gu Muyang know the truth and successfully hide it from Teacher Li's eyes. Gu Muyang had already carried her on his back. His eyes were sincere and anxious, and his firm voice was trembling. "Teacher Li?" Teacher Li granted leave, and Gu Muyang thanked him and rushed out of the office. Said to rush, it is because his speed is too fast, obviously also carrying a weight of 120 Wu Xin, even almost made Lingbo micro-step. Wu Xin secretly looked behind her. Teacher Li was standing at the door of the office looking at them. She didn't dare to confess immediately. She just whispered on Gu Muyang's back, "Slow down." "Do you have a stomachache?" Gu Muyang slowed down a little and stepped very steadily step by step. Wu Xin felt sorry, but also afraid of a confession, with Gu Muyang this honest temperament can immediately let her fall short of success, also dare not tell the truth, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, just shook his head, "in fact, it is not very painful."  The water in my sponge can't be squeezed out in the rocket class until it evaporates slowly in the ordinary class. "You still want to go to the regular class?" Gu Muyang at the foot of a meal, looking back at her, his eyes cold, cold. No.1 Middle School is a place where the world is determined by results. The top 45 students enter the rocket class, 45-100 students enter the experimental class, and then they go back and forth in various ordinary classes. Wu Xin this test of 60,Glass Cream Jars, into the experimental class, if you want to enter the ordinary class, it is necessary to retreat on more than 40. penghuangbottle.com

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