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Feng Yu Jiu Tian Full-time Job

3 months ago Engineering San Diego   51 views
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The bottom of the ship was flooding and could sink at any time. Comparing the two, the approaching of the main ship of the enemy, which did not participate in the war and was not damaged at all, brought an indescribable sense of oppression to the Xiao family. Feng Ming stared at the main ship of the other side as it approached. The long,Thyroid Powder Factory, medium and narrow shape of the ship filled with gold showed that the ship was an attack warship specially built for combat. His scalp tingled, and all he could see in his heart was the complete ten sons-King Ming, I'm going to be slaughtered again. Hateful! Every time the end seems to be unable to escape the end of this nine-rate soap opera, caught by Miaoguang, by Boling and the three princesses, by Ruoyan, by Dongfan, this time what a bullshit pirate! It used to be a trick,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but this time it was even worse. Under the double protection of the elite of Xilei and the killer group of the Xiao family, he was beaten so hard that he couldn't lift his head. Or on the surface of the Oman River, where the Xiao family has always been proud and claimed that no one dares to mess with it. Typical of being squashed in front of their own house and losing face to grandma's house! The main ship of the other side looked leisurely and fearless. It drove grandly to the enemy less than three meters in front of the main ship of the Xiao family and stopped. It went down the river, but it could suddenly stop moving forward, which was another shock to Fengming and others. Anyone who knows a little about boats knows that such a seemingly simple action can only be successfully done by a group of experienced sailors relying on precise boat construction. The other side is demonstrating! Seeing the enemy swaggering in front of the sinking main ship of the Hsiao family, Luo Yun-chun, who regards the reputation of the Hsiao family as his life, looks gloomy and spits out two fierce words: "Abominable." "What do they want?" Feng Ming frowned. Close contact between the two sides is imminent, even if the occasional river breeze blows, but also can not blow away the dignity of their own. The bloody smell left by the fierce battle still permeated the river. Suddenly! Suddenly, everybody's eyes brightened, and on the deck where the other side had only lit two or three lights, there was a sudden burst of fire. After adapting to the sudden dazzling light, he found that huge stoves were placed around the deck on the other side, and he did not know what powerful means these pirates had to light them at the same time. Rong Hu, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, standing beside Feng Ming, lowered his voice and said, I've heard for a long time that the Shan Lin pirates know how to play with people's hearts and frighten their opponents. The men on both sides stood at the bow of the boat and looked at each other. Feng Ming looked at the strange man opposite. The man also looked at Feng Ming carefully. After looking at him, his lips, which were always smiling maliciously, were raised even higher playfully? Young master of the Xiao family? Fengming? The last two words, as if from the tip of the tongue lightly rub out, with an ulterior motive of pondering. Rong Hu and Luo Yun were furious, with deep eyebrows. Feng Ming, on the other hand, is a stooge who can win by surprise at a critical moment. Anyway, the meat is already on the chopping block, and the broken pot might as well be broken. He bursts out laughing, with a bright smile like a spring breeze, and lightly praises, "I didn't expect that even the pirate leader would be so imposing these days." Now you can't beat others by fighting hard, and you can only be laughed at for holding the sword so nervously. He simply loosened his grip on his sword and arched his fist with ease. "I'm Fengming," he said gracefully. "I don't know if I can tell you the name of the world-famous pirate leader of Shanlin." He was so calm and calm that Luo Yun and others around him were greatly surprised and immediately looked at him with new eyes. To know that Xiao people are extremely proud, all of them are heroes who would rather die than surrender, they still have a sense of fear for such a situation, did not expect that the young Lord who has always been considered incompetent will give them one accident after another tonight. He Di and Kongliu rely on the previous water war advantage,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, has been deterred Fengming faction, for Fengming's smile, also slightly surprised. pioneer-biotech.com

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Skill Supreme of the Other World