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Drunk pillow rivers and mountains Full-time Job

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Wu Chongxun did not dare to say much about family matters, and everything was decided by Princess Anle. At the beginning, the area designated by Princess Anle was the size of three royal palaces, which was far beyond the specifications of the Princess Mansion. Xiao Zhichen, a member of the Ministry of Works, had no choice but to turn around and wipe his feet and knock her. He mentioned the emperor to Princess Anle. Their mansion was built by the emperor, and the cost of the project had to be reported to the emperor. If the area of the mansion was too large, it would be discovered by the queen. Although Princess Anle did not understand why the queen was more and more indifferent to her, she knew that she was no longer loved by her grandmother, so she restrained herself and reduced the area of the mansion by half. When Yang Fan arrived, Princess Anle was gesticulating and explaining to Xiao Zhichen the problems that needed to be paid attention to in the construction of the mansion. As soon as Yang Fan arrived, Princess Anle said to Wu Chong like a puppet, "Tell him. Remember, this garden must be the same as the one in Luoyang." One of the reasons for Yang Fan's arrival was because of the five sons of the prime minister. When the fifth son of the prime minister arrived in the capital, he did not go to greet him, but now that people have come to be his neighbors, it is not easy to avoid seeing him. Another reason is because of Li Baoer, Li Baoer has always been domineering, in the East City he refuted Li Baoer's face, the two became enemies, he was worried that the princess became arrogant, not only drove away the five sons of the prime minister, but also occupied his house. Fortunately, although Li Baoer is domineering,Flush Retrofit Kit, she is now mainly relying on the power of her in-laws. If she only relies on the father of the crown prince, she is now facing the general ministers with a little more power, not to mention Yang Fan. Therefore, although she was free, she did not dare to rob people's houses by force. Yang Fan already knew that the right side of his house was the place chosen by the five sons of the prime minister, but when he arrived, he did not see the five brothers of Li Chengqi. Yang Fan frowned and hesitated to meet Wu Chongxun, or pretended not to know that he was in that group of people,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, when he saw Li coming to him. Yang Fan patted Gu Zhuting on the knee and went out of the car alone. Yang Fan has a deep understanding of Li Baoer at the moment. This woman is not only shameless, but also has no basic accomplishment and demeanor of the royal nobles. He is afraid that Li Baoer will insult Gu Zhuting again, so he doesn't want to let them contact. When Wu Chongxun saw his wife leaving him to see Yang Fan alone, he was very unhappy. He saw Li Wo'er as unique in the world, as precious as a treasure, so he thought that all the men in the world regarded Li Wo'er as a living treasure like him. It seemed that as long as Li Wou'er hooked her finger, she would crawl under her pomegranate skirt like a dog. However, because in Chang'an East City, Yang Fan had refuted Li's face in public, so although Wu Chongxun was unhappy in his heart, he did not have too many ideas. Li Baoer walked to the near place, gradually slowed down his pace, his hands behind him, walking on the graceful catwalk, swaying all the way, Yang Fan saw it in his eyes, and in his heart he had to admit that the happiness in front of him was indeed the only woman he had ever seen in his life, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Prison toilet for sale, beautiful to the extreme. "General Yang, we're going to be neighbors in the future," Li said with a charming smile that turned all living beings upside down. "That's unfortunate," said Yang Fan with a calm face. As soon as Li's face changed, he said in shame and anger, "Is this palace telling you to avoid like a snake and scorpion?"? Why do you humiliate me again and again? Yang Fan said, "a man will humiliate himself and others will humiliate him."! Your Highness, why don't you reflect on why Yang was disrespectful to the princess? Li looked coldly at Gu Zhuting in the car in the distance and said with a sneer, "Just for her?"? The woman? "Don't forget," said Yang Fan in a deep voice. "If it weren't for her, you wouldn't be here today, and your father would already be dead!"! She is the savior of your family. Li Yu-er raised her curvaceous chin and sneered disdainfully, "All over the world, there is no royal land, and on the shore of the land, there is no royal minister!"! My father has been designated as the heir of the emperor. You courtiers should give up your own life to save him out of trouble. I am the queen, and you are loyal to save me. Do you want me to accept her love? Yang Fan took a deep look at her and said with hatred, "How did you become like this?" "What have I become?" Asked Li Baoer? I don't find myself any different from before. Oh, if anything, I'm prettier than ever. Clothes make the man and saddles make the horse. Even if you are born beautiful, you need gorgeous clothes and jewelry to make people more beautiful. Yang Fan did not get angry because of her words. He asked lightly, "Has the princess ever seen the moat outside Chang'an?" Li didn't know why he suddenly turned to this topic. After a slight shock, he said, "Yes, why?" "Do you think the moat is beautiful?" Asked Yang Fan. Li Baoer frowned and said, "When I went into the city, I saw that the moat had dried up. The bank was full of mud. It was dirty. What was there to see?" Yang Fan smiled and said, "It was last autumn when I came from Luoyang. In the crisp autumn season, the river was clear and blue. When the wind blew, it was sparkling. There was a reflection of white clouds on the water. It was very beautiful.". Unfortunately, now in order to widen the river to clean up the silt, Chang'an government cut off the river, I did not expect to uncover that layer of clear river water, the following is so dirty. Li's pretty face slowly changed, but Yang Fan was still saying: "When dredging, the silt was dug up, and the lower part was even dirtier. The stench made people breathless, just like your Highness. When you were in Fangzhou, even if you were pretending, at least there was a bit of fake loveliness.". But now? You have status, status, you have more and more no scruples, this Xing is also exposed. I really don't understand why God has given a person such a beautiful appearance, and why he has given her such a dirty heart, vulgar, shallow, perverse, selfish, shameless.. "Yang Fan, that's enough," said Li angrily. Yang Fan sneered and continued, "I don't know what you will look like when your father becomes the emperor and you can be more unscrupulous.". Some people say that you are the most beautiful princess since the founding of the Tang Dynasty,Flushometer valve, but if you do not repent, one day, you will become the ugliest princess since the founding of the Tang Dynasty! "Stop!" cnkexin.com

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