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Doomsday superweapon system Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Cary   96 views
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Ke Bei's eyes flashed a jjīng light, faintly looking forward to it. He immediately stepped out and disappeared into the ancient hall. When he reappeared, he was already standing at the end of the first area, in front of the black sè barrier. This time Ke Bei did not hesitate and stepped directly into the right door. A barren space appeared again in front of us. On the soft black land, there were weeds. Ke Bei stepped at will, stepping on the tip of the grass with the soles of his feet. The soft and slender grass body did not bend at all. Gravity in the second area, which can be borne by the strong in the middle world, is nothing to Ke Bei. Moments later, Ke Bei appeared at the end of the second area, according to 1 R 1rì is the black s sè barrier, according to 1 R 1rì is two doors, this time Ke Bei did not ask much, directly into the left door. The hall on the second floor was almost no different from the first floor, and Ke Bei sat on the futon. This time, Ke Bei sat for nine days! "The third level of Star Plunder, after practicing, can reach the main realm of the upper world, and it is the peak of the main realm of the upper world of refining body flow!" The second layer of the hall is the inheritance of the third layer of Star Robbery, as well as the third type of magical power, 'Star Cloud'! "Hey hey, not bad, not bad, as long as the body strength reaches the main level of the upper world, you can display the'star cloud ', there is no pressure at all." Ke Bei had a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Awesome, the magical power of the ancient gods and demons is intrepid. The general secret method can't be compared at all. Ke Bei is very satisfied, with the strength of the peak of the main realm of his ordinary world, after displaying the magical power of the star cloud, he can be comparable to the top strong people in the main realm of the world. If Ke Bei does not use the power of Canggu to display the star finger, the star cloud is almost the strongest means of Ke Bei. Haha, fortunately, I have practiced Xuangong, and my physical strength is stronger than that of the general gods and demons. Even if the general strong people get the magical power,lutein eye complex, they are afraid that they can not volatilize their power. Ke Bei stood up and took a step to reappear at the end of the second area. The first floor, the second floor of the Temple of Stars and Demons, are the inheritance of skills, magical powers, I do not know if there will be something else on the third floor. Ke Bei has some expectations. The Star Robbery Skill is almost useless to Ke Bei now. The Xuangong he practices is more powerful, but the magical power is good, but the heart is greedy. Ke Bei is not satisfied with the skill and the magical power. Bi Jing stepped into the Temple of Stars and Demons, but Ke Bei went through all kinds of hardships! In the third area, the strong people in the upper world can pass through, and Ke Bei naturally has no pressure. On the third floor of the Temple of Stars and Demons, there are more things in the ancient hall, which make Kebei's canthus muscles beat faintly! "Ziji Shenhuo!" Ke Bei looked at the hall on the third floor, and the flames beat slightly, and his heart beat very fast. Ha ha ha, the divine fire that tempers the body! Ke Bei could not help laughing, purple God fire did not burst like that, pumpkin seed extract ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, very docile, very suitable for quenching. In the nine major alliances, and even in the entire universe, it is very rare to be strong in refining the body flow, but in the same rank, refining the body flow is the most powerful. The reason why it is rare is partly due to the lack of top-level skills, and more importantly, it is too difficult to refine. Compared with it, understanding the abstruse law is much simpler. Purple extreme divine fire, is the supreme divine fire of quenching, extremely rare, although the hidden dragon star has collected, but very few, a wisp of purple extreme deep fire needs a very terrible point of merit, almost comparable to the blood of a God and demon! Therefore, there is almost no exchange for the young talent on the list of hidden dragon gods, and the purple fire that appears in front of Ke Bei at the moment is not a wisp, but a pool! These Ziji divine fires are enough for one hundred ordinary people to enter the category and temper their body strength to the main realm of the lower world! Ke Bei has the skill, the top star plunder skill, the supernatural power, and now there is the purple extreme divine fire to refine the body. In a short time, Ke Bei can make one hundred strong people appear in the main realm of refining the body! One hundred strong people in the main realm of the lower world is a very terrible number. For example, Yuxiang Pavilion has been passed down for hundreds of millions of years before a strong person in the main realm of the lower world appeared. And refining body flow can almost be called invincible at the same level, plus the practice of star plunder, star magic, is called invincible at the same level, but truly invincible, and even leapfrog challenges! "Lord, accept the inheritance as soon as possible, and don't sigh." The system whispered. Although the broken sword and others are in the Qingfeng Hall of Fire, they will not be in danger for the time being, but they have been trapped in the Qingfeng Hall of Fire and lost zzìyóu. Ke north God s sè suddenly a Rin, immediately nodded heavily. Broken sword three into trapped in the green phoenix from the hall of fire, Ke Bei must seize the time to go out, at least to catch up with the purple moon cave in the main world of perfect strong to come, will be broken sword into the rescue! Taking a slight breath, Ke Bei sat on the futon, this time for a month. The fourth level of Star Plunder, the fifth type of magical power, 'Plunder Cloud Change', '! ". Ke Bei slightly frowned, although has accepted the inheritance, but Ke Bei has not been able to understand the fifth type of magical power in a month, more and more difficult, more and more restrictions. If you practice to the fourth level, you can have the peak strength of the main realm of the ordinary world. Although it is weaker than the third level of Xuangong, it is also very good. The most important thing is that if you want to display the fifth type of magical power, you must condense the power of the stars! Chapter 562 the fourth floor of 89 Xuangong. Like the Star Finger, it needs the ancient power to display, while the fifth type of magical power needs the power of the stars to display! Even though Ke Bei's physical strength has reached the standard of exerting the fifth type of magical power, he can't exert it without the power of condensing the stars. It seems that Xingchen Jiegong is not weaker than Xuangong. Would you like to practice it to condense the power of the stars? Ke Bei wrinkled slightly and hesitated. Hum, Lord, you look down upon Xuangong too much. How can it be compared with Xuangong? The crisp voice of the system suddenly sounded. The first three layers of Xuangong are the foundation! "Master,stesweet stevia, after you practice Xuangong to the fourth level, you will be able to see the greatness of Xuangong." "Eh?" Hearing the words of the system, Ke Bei's face showed a helpless smile. Is Xuangong really so strong? prius-biotech.com

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