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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao Full-time Job

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I will try my best to write the content of the evolution behind. In the evening, we will wait for the third brother to rush the list together. Next week, our only goal is to point and push the first place in the double list!!! Chapter 14 Evolution (Part 2) The streak of purple light first extended backward, all the way to its tail, and then back up, reaching the position of its neck in an instant. At this point, the streak of purple light no longer extended straight up, but divided into two lines, one extending to the top of its head, the other extending to the bulge on its neck. A strange wave of spiritual power rippled quietly, and the eyes of the fire lizard suddenly revealed a trace of pain, but more excitement. His body began to tremble violently. Unstable spiritual fluctuations continue to surge out of the sudden appearance of purple light patterns, which have clearly surpassed its own level of mid-level Warcraft. Evolution? This fire lizard is going to evolve. The one-eyed old man exclaimed. The evolution of Warcraft is not uncommon, but generally speaking, only Warcraft above level five has the possibility of evolution. This fire lizard is just two levels of Warcraft! It actually evolved after bearing the blood of Long Haochen. Poof, a rich purple air burst out from the body of the fire lizard, and then its body, which was only more than one meter long, grew at a variable speed with the naked eye. The change is not only the size of its body itself,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, the scales on its body are also showing strange changes, originally only smooth scales, gradually have some angular relief, thick texture emerged, the most peculiar is the bulge on its neck, that bulge actually accompanied by the expansion of its body and extended out. With a puff, the body of the fire lizard suddenly stiffened,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and then, in the bulge of his neck, a brand-new head came out, juxtaposed with the original head. By this time, its body has extended from one meter to two meters. The purple light suddenly closed, and everything seemed to stand still. Purple light lines extend to the top of the second head, and some raised horniness appears on both heads, which makes it look more ferocious. It seems that the second head that came with evolution is no different from the first one. The only difference is the color of the eyes. The eyes of this second head are golden. After evolution, the fire lizard's limbs have obviously become much stronger, and its back armor has become thicker, especially the change of its head, which shows that the bulge of its neck is not a disability. After completing its evolution, a bulge appeared at the base of the neck of the second head, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Flush valve price, but it was not as big as the original bulge, and it bulged a fist-sized bulge. Level four, middle class? Yehua and the one-eyed old man looked at each other, and both of their eyes were full of shock. Each level of Warcraft is divided into the first level, the middle level, the high level and the peak. From the second level to the fourth level, this is an evolution that spans eight stages! Don't say you've seen it, they haven't even heard of it. General Warcraft evolution, at most only some subtle changes in the body, slightly enhanced strength, from the middle level to the high level is normal, has never heard of cross-level evolution. But the fire lizard in front of us is finished. No, it can't be called a fire lizard now. The attributes of its second head are different from those of its first head. It clearly exudes light. What kind of species is the lizard Warcraft with two heads and two attributes? In particular, this leap-forward evolution fully shows that this fire lizard is not a useless Warcraft. Moreover, Yehua noticed the new bulge on its neck. Could it be said that the fire lizard could grow a third head and evolve again? Yehua swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked the one-eyed old man beside him, "Senior, do you know this kind of Warcraft?" The old man shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I don't know.". No one can recognize all Warcraft. Especially one that is summoned from other parallel spaces. It seems that this little guy has picked up a treasure! As long as this lizard can evolve one more time, he will already have a good mount. What is it doing? As they spoke, the two-headed lizard, which had completed its evolution, slowly lowered its two heads and looked at Long Haochen, who was also shocked by its evolution. The long tail was thrown from behind to the front of the body, and the second head bit on the tip of the tail, and immediately lavender blood flowed out. With evolution, the color of its blood has changed. The rune of the contract appears again, and the rune on the back of the two-headed lizard has not been enlarged by its evolution, and this time it is obvious that it has initiated the rune. The long tail flicked, and the tip of the tail, which flowed out of lavender blood, directly pierced the contract rune on Long Haochen's forehead. Long Haochen's body stiffened, only to feel a hot warm current injected from his forehead, and the hot feeling spread all over his body in an instant. Feed back, it is feeding back to Haochen with its own blood. Yehua jumped up in surprise. The higher the level of Warcraft, the more psychic it is. Warcraft above level six can gradually produce wisdom no less than that of human beings. The two-headed lizard in front of us is so spiritual that it even learns from Long Haochen's help to make up for the loss of Long Haochen's blood with its own blood. Two heads, two red, two gold, four eyes, gently watching Long Haochen, the body of the two-headed lizard slightly swinging. A network of lavender lines began to extend from Long Haochen's forehead to his whole body. He felt as if his whole body was in a furnace. He could not tell whether it was painful or comfortable. He could only vaguely feel that his blood was changing dramatically in this hot injection. The original sense of weakness also gradually disappeared in this fervor. A faint blood-red glow spread from the two-headed lizard, forming a red halo, and then slowly converged into a point,push button toilet flush valve, eventually falling into the contract runes on its back. Long Haochen and the two-headed lizard shook at the same time, and there seemed to be more connection between them. This is a more extreme blood contract than the master and servant contract. The one-eyed old man lost his voice and said, "The blood contract of the death of the Lord and the death of the servant!"! This two-headed lizard is repaying a debt of gratitude. cnkexin.com

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