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Criminal police in the entertainment circle Full-time Job

5 months ago HR & recruitment Gary   90 views
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"Can't your software predict?"? Just to predict what Takahashi Takayuki wants to do, "Lian Tai looked at Li Shimeng with a half-smile and said.". Forecast? Min Xue almost thought he was wrong. Boy, does this guy still have the attribute of "magic stick"? When Li Shimeng heard this, his face turned black. "Company, my software is based on the analysis of big data for budgeting. How come every time you say it, it's like fortune-telling?" "Whatever the basis, I just want to know Takayuki Takahashi's purpose now," Lian Tai said in plain language. Knocking several times on the notebook, Li Shimeng pulled the corners of his mouth, "The amount of information is too small, it is meaningless to calculate now." Lian Tai said, "Oh," and his meaningless expression made Li Shimeng almost jump. "Company, the Ministry has cracked several major cases through my software! The detection rate is as high as 60%. Lian Tai nodded and wrote lightly, "Well, I passed." Li Shimeng's little face was blue and red, and he could hardly speak. Min Xue looked almost happy. In fact, it is not difficult to see that Li Shimeng is a technical player, but also designed a software to help solve the case. Min Xue doesn't think it's ridiculous. With the improvement of big data, some things are better operated by computers than by human brains. And what kind of cases does the department handle? Is it too much to describe it as a difficult and complicated disease? Such a case, with the help of the system designed by Li Shimeng,Inflatable indoor park, the success rate can reach more than 60%, which is already very remarkable. Of course, Min Xue also knows that there must be water in this 60%, and it must be in a specific case. For example, now, under the premise of scarce information, the software has a sense of powerlessness. Min Xue just took a glance at Li Shimeng's notebook and saw the words "Sadako" and "Haunted House" in the possibility of Takahashi Takayuki's "conspiracy" listed on the screen. Hehehe.. Not to mention, this house looks a little bit like it from the outside,inflatable floating water park, but this direction is too curious, right? In this regard, Min Xue can only praise, big brother, you really have a wide range of software, perfect data! "Soldiers come to block it, and water comes to cover it." Lian Tai made the final decision. There was no profit in fantasy, so the three of them simply did not bother. After all, if you are a fox, you will always show your tail. The next day, Takayuki Takahashi really went to the door early in the morning. Did you three sleep well? Li Shimeng chewed the toast slices and fried eggs brought by Takahashi and raised his thumb contentedly, "Very good!" Although it is only the most common toast slices and fried eggs that can be made by anyone who knows a little about cooking, Li Shimeng has deduced the feeling of Michelin. This unworldly little appearance, if you have not seen the person who took the computer analysis picture yesterday, will really be fooled by its "silly white sweet" people. Lian Tai is still very polite, inflatable castle with slide ,inflatable floating water park, "Takahashi criminal hard, but also personally prepare meals for us." "I'm a guest from afar. That's what I should do." After a slight bow, Takayuki Takahashi saw that the three of them were eating the same thing. He opened his mouth like chatting and said, "Have you ever heard of Sensoji Temple?" Here it comes! The three people at the table secretly exchanged a look, and then Xueba Min took the initiative to go online. Of course, it is said that Asakusa is the birthplace of Dongjing, and Asakusa Temple is the oldest temple in Dongjing. As a tourist attraction to understand your national culture, tourists from all over the world come in an endless stream. "Min Sang is right," see Min Xue really know, Takayuki Takahashi performance and honor. In addition to the inner hall of Sensoji Temple, there are also famous buildings such as Leimen, Wuzhong Pagoda and Sensoji Shrine, among which there are numerous historical sites and scenic spots. "Moreover, Sensoji Temple is very close to where the three are staying. Lian Sang, Min Sang and Li Sang can go there if they are interested." "Please rest assured that the Metropolitan Police Department has issued a message that the time of this operation has changed slightly and will not be carried out too soon. The three of you can visit Dongjing first." Takayuki Takahashi said this very fluently, obviously thinking for a long time. It will undoubtedly be a great pity to come to Dongjing and not go to Sensoji Temple. In a word, Lian Tai decided on today's itinerary. People draw the road again and again, do not go to see how to live up to that painstaking? Chapter Seven Hundred Sensoji Temple Travel Notes Asakusa Temple was built in 628 AD, also known as Asakusa Leimen Guanyin Temple, known as the "birthplace of Dongjing". You must have heard a saying when you travel, "If you haven't been to XX scenic spots, you haven't been to XX places". Yes, there is also a saying here, "If you haven't been to Sensoji Temple, you haven't been to Dongjing!" Familiar recipe, familiar taste. The tour guide of the front tour group explained with great emotion, listening to the clear Chinese dialect, and Min Xue, who had just arrived at the place, could not help but keep up with them. Brother Min, aren't you hot? The autumn tiger is not covered. Li Shimeng poured saliva and used his hand as a fan to fan the wind. Not bad. Min Xue pressed his hat again, but he didn't wear a mask. It's not that his name is so big that everyone in neighboring countries knows it, but there are not a few domestic tourists who come here, especially the famous scenic spots. One more thing is better than one less thing. Besides, three people are here to "go to the thunder". If you can reduce the trouble, you should reduce it. About 1,400 years ago.. The front guide dutifully introduced the origin of Sensoji Temple, while Minxue three people followed up, looking around without any trace. This view is not an ordinary tourist perspective, it can be said that the three people have opened all their professional skills, searching for all unusual situations. Soon, the three of them followed the tour group to the first scenic spot, with a red lantern hanging in the center and the words "Leimen". On both sides of the Thunder Gate, there are two protectors of the Dharma, the "Wind God" and the "Thunder God". The tour guide's historical introduction adds a lot of thickness to the landmark of Asakusa Temple. Believe it or not, I've come here anyway, and it's always right to say goodbye. The tour group who came near followed the trend and prayed for worship. As people with firm beliefs, Min Xue three people,Inflatable outdoor park, of course, did not join in the fun, and continued to walk up across the tour group. joyshineinflatables.com

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