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Charm Story _ Rosen _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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In his view, the girl's strength, not only lies in the strength, but the increase of strength, almost every moment is constantly increasing, each blow is heavier than the previous one, such a way of fighting, even if the strength is equal at the beginning, will be surpassed by her in the battle, but. How long can such extraordinary power last? I'm so happy. Why have you never enjoyed it so much before? Is this what it feels like to fight?) For their own abnormal strength, Nell's heart is not without fear, but the high-spirited mood is more above the fear. The fist quickly brushed past the eyes, the feeling of blowing hair, like a fierce wind to cut the body, in the moment of danger to avoid, aroused trembling, hand knife cut on the hard body of the enemy, experience the touch, wind, fire, blood flowing in the body, exciting heartbeat.. The six senses are a thousand times more sensitive than usual. Any change will cause strong stimulation and make the mood extremely excited. Every punch, sideways, flying and kicking are like the peak of gathering the essence of life, which makes it difficult for Nell to control herself. She even gradually forgets that she is fighting against a strong enemy and just concentrates on her every movement. A high degree of concentration, Nell did not find that in addition to strength, his speed is also improved again and again. Like an urgent telegram that suddenly appeared,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and like a swallow whirling in the air, Nell's figure was suddenly in the front, and in the back in an instant, with a strong force to attack, so that Dourgen's all-conquering flame knife was dwarfed. Really terrible, not nine Yao speed, unexpectedly can play this speed, and the strength is not reduced but increased. Watching the battle on the ground, Izumi Sakura felt that she had no room to intervene. Common sense, when the speed is fast,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Xu Li time is not enough, the strength will be reduced, but Nell does not seem to be limited by this, the speed continues to increase, but the attack force is getting heavier and heavier. With Hai Jiaxuan's guidance and self-training before, Quan Ying's self-conscious strength has improved a lot, but now compared with Nell's leap forward, she can't help but lament her poor progress. Nevertheless, Quan Ying did not feel envious or jealous, but worried. Such an unusually powerful force, in common sense, must be accompanied by high risk, if Nell steps on a cable hanging high in the sky, as long as one foot is empty, it may be crushed to pieces at any time. If this situation really occurs, Quan Ying does not know how to explain to her husband Lancelot. With this concern, Izumi Sakura glanced at Gengoro. Although Nell didn't seem to notice him, he stood at the top of the giant cockroach all the time, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, looking at Nell thoughtfully and thinking. After a moment, he looked up and looked at the sky. Sakura Izumi followed Gengoro's movements and looked up at the sky. Apart from the clear silver moon, only the dark clouds moved slowly. …… Jie Jie. Right wrist capture.. Rotating flight.. Yes, use your talons to taste the blood of the enemy. Just like the announcement of the strange sound, Nell's attack was getting faster and faster, like a clear smoke without a trace, circling around Dourgen's whole body. Although the power of the flame knife was strong, it could not bring her a piece of clothes at all. Despite such a close distance, Nell could always escape before the flame knife reached her body and take the opportunity to fight back. It didn't take much time for blood stains to appear on Dourgen's body, and he was indeed hurt. The wounded beast should have been doubly fierce and furious, but Dourgen was not surprised or angry, but with a palpitating calmness, while concentrating on defense, while paying attention to the dark clouds in the sky gradually moving towards the moon. Nell, who put all her energy on the attack, of course, would not notice this, she was just happy for the fruitful results of the war, and. Although I don't want to admit it, when attacking and killing the enemy, there is occasionally a strange sense of satisfaction, as if electricity runs through the whole body, making the mood doubly high. With the night wind blowing wildly, Nell once again urged her skill to improve, and then, with a gesture she did not understand why she would use, her arms were wrong, like an arrow shooting at Dourgen, making a final blow. “…… After the collapse of the sky, is the prototype of the blood magic dragon? What a terrible qualification. I love you so much. I do not know whether it is because of the speaker's personality problems, the pronunciation of the word "death" is obviously longer than "love", however, the tone of this sentence, in addition to praise, but also a trace of regret. Just as Nell was about to attack Dourgen with all her strength, the dark clouds in the sky finally covered the bright moon. In this very short time, about one hundredth of a second, Nell suddenly felt a breath, as if she had stepped on a tightrope, and the momentum and strength of the attack followed. Time was really short, and Nell had a vague feeling that if she hadn't pushed her strength to the limit and attacked with all her strength, the problem would never have arisen. But this fleeting little flaw is enough for Dourgen, who is tightening every nerve and paying attention to the enemy's movements with the consciousness of heaven. In order to seize the time to concentrate strength, Dourgen did not use the flame knife, but concentrated his strength on his fist, and sent out a plain punch, which hit Nell and hit her again. Nell, who quickly breathed back, wanted to defend herself, but it was still too late. She felt that the strong wind was so strong that she had a splitting headache. With a black eye, the powerful force hit her face heavily, so she was knocked unconscious on the spot. One punch reversed the situation, and Dourgen followed up the victory. Nell's protective power when she was hit was stronger than he had previously estimated. This punch could not cause much damage to her, but simply fainted. But at this time, she lost all her defense and had no self-protection ability at all. She only needed to make up another punch at will, and she could take her life immediately. Hum The punch failed to swing out, because a fast-moving figure like cold electricity stood proudly in front of Dourgen in the blink of an eye. With one hand, it gave Nell to the spring cherry on the ground with soft strength, and with the other hand,nail manufacturing machine, it raised its arm to block the frame and intercepted Dourgen's heavy blow. I think I'm not as good as strength, but if I want to compare speed, I'm very confident about the speed of Jiuyao. 3shardware.com

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