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Bronze Girl Training Manual Full-time Job

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Looking at the words on the screen, Zhang Chengyun gnashed his teeth and thought: I will never touch a man in my life! Besides, do you think you won't be regarded as a stinking hooligan when you are young! Just then, a rough voice suddenly jumped out of their voice room- "Hello, God, are you there?" Yao Shan was startled by the sound. She sat up straight from her seat and asked, "Who are you?" The man at the other end was surprised, "God, you are actually a beauty!" Never mind how this person knows whether Yao Shan is beautiful or not, but she is indeed a woman. It's just that no matter how shameless Yao Shan is, she can't take credit for others. She coughed lightly and replied, "The Great God is the other one above. I'm a'poor nun '." Zhang Zhichao this immediately wilted down, all thought with pity: "This goddess-like voice, unexpectedly is that brain pit'poor nun has', God is really not long eyes.". With a sigh, he asked with some disappointment, "Ah, what are you talking about with the God, the beauty?" Yao Shan, of course,Nail production machine, can't tell him that they were just talking about the boy's bird! After thinking about it, he replied, "I'm talking about you. I said you were in a good position." That Zhang Zhichao also smiled, proudly said: "That is, I used to be the first assistant in our side of the Internet bar competition, before there were professional teams to find me." As soon as he said this, Zhang Chengyun also became interested and typed: [I just saw your position,Nail machine supplier, which is very good. How old are you? Why don't you accept the invitation of the professional team?] As soon as Zhang Zhichao saw that he was accosted by the Great God, he immediately replied: "It's not that I don't want to accept the invitation of the professional team, but I don't think that team is good. How to say, my parents are not too open-minded people. I should not give up my studies to play professionally without suitable teammates." Yao Shan didn't know whether she was professional or not. She sat in her seat and burped lazily. She said with a smile, "What a coincidence! We are two fellow-townsmen. I just graduated from the third year of high school." From the very beginning, Zhang Zhichao felt that the voice of the goddess was a little familiar. When he saw her say so, he couldn't help asking, "I graduated from No.14 Middle School. Which school are you from?" Yao Shan almost bit her tongue. He quickly blinked his eyes and thought with a sigh on his face: When did the world become so small? How could he flirt with an alumnus on the Internet. Cough awkwardly at once, ask: "You, you are that class?" As soon as Zhang Zhichao heard this, he knew that the other party must be an alumnus. He immediately opened his mouth and answered: "Class 2 of Arts and Sports." "***, you're really in my class!" When Zhao Zhichao heard the familiar cursing voice, he immediately shouted, "I'll go, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, Shanshan."? Shanshan, how can you also play? Is it for me? How big a face do you think this guy has to have! Zhang Zhichao doesn't care whether he is a great God or not at the moment. He opens his mouth with a string of sincere confessions: "Shanshan, I really like you, especially!"! You Mingming and I really drank wine! Why Didn't you answer when I called you at that time! Do you know how worried I am? I don't know how worried Zhang Zhichao is about Yao Shan. But Zhang Chengyun is really upset at the moment, listening to the two people in the channel really talk nonsense, the heart of that greasy crooked don't mention. Especially when he knew that this "little mushroom in the Great Hinggan Mountains" was Yao Shan's old lover, his view of Yao Shan simply broke the lower limit once again. Thinking, this woman is not only born with the attribute of "smelly and shameless", but also a "blind" the day after tomorrow. It is the most coquettish one among the exotic flowers! But Yao Shan is actually not as blind as he imagined, this girl is not so like to make the mind at most. Zhang Zhichao was her first love, but she didn't know that her "best friend" You Mingming was also thinking about her first love. After the graduation ceremony, several classes made an appointment to go to the singing hall to fool around. The next day, Yao Shan went to the hotel room to have a look and realized that Zhang Zhichao and You Mingming had already stripped themselves naked and succeeded in getting on base. It makes her sick. Without saying a word, he turned around and ran out of the hotel. Learning from the heroine in other people's TV series, she stood in the rain for most of the day and had a high fever when she got home that night. You said you were such a wild donkey who ran away all the year round. What kind of sentimental weak woman did you pretend to be. Her grandfather was out on a business trip at that time, and he almost had a heart attack when he heard about it. Sent a woman in her thirties from the unit to the hospital, holding Yao Shan's hand, opened her mouth with a burst of socialist spiritual civilization education: "Hello, Shanshan, I am your grandfather's subordinate, you can call me Aunt Qi.". People are born to die. Oh, no, people are always lovelorn. As a girl with ideals and aspirations, how can you give up on yourself for a lovelorn. You think, if everyone wants to die or live because of love, who will build our great motherland? Yao Shan really had an epiphany, and she felt that what she said was too ***ing right. At that moment, he decided to be a noble person, a pure person, and an excellent socialist successor who broke away from low-level interests and private emotions! But no one told her that Aunt Qi, who had suffered thousands of knives, was actually digging her heart and lungs like this in order to enter the hall and become her grandmother! Anyway, Yao Shan doubted life for a while. I think I should go to Tibet to wash my soul, or go to Chiang Mai to feel the boundless Dharma. No matter how bad it is, I have to become a monk for a few days. But she was so poor that she almost became a pant, and she didn't want to ask her father for money. All day long, she carried 6.58 yuan in her pocket, just short of sleeping in the open air. Fortunately, on the way to run away from home, he met Chien Hao and was fooled by this fellow to go to his "money nest". He registered the most popular game in the Internet bar without a teacher, and learned a lesson from the bitter experience to give himself an ID- "poor nun has". It means that the dust returns to the dust, the earth returns to the earth, all things grow, and the Buddha's light is universal. Zhang Zhichao did not know these tear-jerking things about Yao Shan. Since the day he knew that the "poor nun" was Yao Shan, he began to stick to others for a while every day. Left and right a Pushkin,Nail machine manufacturer, right hand a Xu Zhimo, nothing to read a paragraph, simply annoying. 3shardware.com

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