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Both the woman and the man are he. Full-time Job

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Jiang Deqing was a native of Zhao, and he was also a guest minister in a big man's house. However, there were many guest ministers in that big man's house, and he was not surprised. He had not been able to show up in the host's house for three years to do two important things. Unlike many other guests who just wanted to make a living, Jiang Deqing thought that one day he could really stand out and seek that monstrous wealth. He dreamed of being appreciated by a noble person, and finally, he waited for the opportunity. The master of the mansion told them that if the master above wanted to control the grassland, he needed someone to sneak into the grassland, pass messages to him among the tribes, and create some chaos when necessary. After Jiang Deqing knew whose idea it was, he was overjoyed and felt that money and power were within his reach. He was so excited that he came to the grassland from Zhao. At the very beginning, he also wanted to sneak into the Wutu tribe and find a place in it. Unfortunately, he had to go through a lot of hardships to get in. The Wutu tribe was different from what Jiang Deqing had imagined before. He thought it was an ordinary tribe. Most people didn't even know the words. It must be very easy to cheat. As a result, he was almost scared by a half-grown boy. The boy was a member of the Wolf Rider of the Wutu tribe. He also raised wolves and trained wolves from childhood. He had a pair of sharp eyes to understand people's hearts. He had pulled out several spies with bad intentions. If Jiang Deqing hadn't run fast, he would have fallen into the hands of others earlier. However, there was no difference. He went to the Bai tribe and incited Yilede to oppose the Wutu tribe. He drew a big cake for him and promised to let the Bai tribe move to the State of Zhao in the future. As a result, he overrated himself and the Bai people were destroyed ahead of time. He himself was tied to a horse with a rope and brought back to Wutu. Wutu, the head of the Wutu clan who brought him back,akba boswellic acid, became a wild man again when he returned home. He wanted to abduct his daughter-in-law to learn to ride a horse. He completely forgot about this man. The other captives brought back were all arranged, and Jiang Deqing was the only one left. The person in charge asked about the day pine. The day pine had heard Jiang Deqing claim to be from Yin, and felt that he was not easy to handle, so he told Yin so. Yin so much time to Wo Tu, rare empty down, after two or three days to empty people to Jiang Deqing up. Jiang Deqing did not suffer much these days, at least there is food and drink,turmeric extract powder, he has become calm from the very beginning of panic, and in the mind how to do. When he heard that he was going to be taken to see Yin, he was delighted and said that the princess of Yin was a gentle and weak lady. Such a woman was the most soft-hearted and had no scheming. If he lied well, he might be able to fool her. He was very determined, and when he saw Yin, he put it down even more. He made up his mind to pretend to be crazy and act silly. He rushed up and cried, "Princess, spare my life. The little man was wronged. The little man is a good citizen of Yin. He was captured by the Bai people. He is not a passer-by with them!" Yin Ruxu had already heard about his sneaky behavior among the Bai people that day. Now he looked him up and down and asked him, "Are you the caravan member who was robbed and killed by the Bai people last time?" Jiang Deqing climbed along the pole and nodded repeatedly, "Right!" He thought that the princess didn't know so much, and it was impossible to find out his identity. As a result, Yin waved and asked someone to take a book of documents. "What's your name? Where did you come from? Where did you come to the prairie? What three people are the guarantors in your hometown? What are the goods you sell?" Jiang Deqing did not expect that she would ask so carefully, and then look at the document she was holding in her hand, turmeric extract powder ,phycocyanin spirulina, it turned out to be the personnel document of the caravan, and in her heart she could not help scolding how this was all prepared. If he said wrong, he would be exposed immediately, but he did not know the names of the people in the caravan. Can only brazen nonsense: "This … …" The little man was actually a stowaway. On the way, he met a thief and lost his goods. He asked the caravan to take me for a ride, so he was not on the caravan list.. Yin put down the document and asked again, "Are you from Yin?" Jiang Deqing insisted, "Yes, it's Yin!" "No, you are from the State of Zhao." Although her tone is gentle, but very sure, such as a thunder fell into Jiang Deqing's ears, his heart surprised, do not understand why the princess can tell his origin. Yin Ruxu said, "Sure enough, he is from the State of Zhao.". It seems that if I ask you a question, you will not answer it truthfully. ” Jiang Deqing trembled in his heart and shouted, "No, I'm from the State of Yin!"! It's really Yin Guoren! I was thinking, is she going to kill me? "Take him down and lock him up," Yin ordered. Just locked up? That's good, she must be to confirm his identity, go to Yin, it will take some time, in this period of time he should be safe, if you can take the opportunity to send a letter out, maybe someone will come to save. Jiang Deqing comforted himself, his heart also gave birth to some disdain, feeling that it was indeed a woman, soft-hearted, difficult to achieve great things. Yin did not go to confirm Jiang Deqing's identity. After she asked someone to take Jiang Deqing down, she told the person guarding Jiang Deqing: "Lock him up in a small room that is too narrow to lie flat. After that, send him food once every three days and a bowl of water every day. It is not necessary to send more. In addition, no one is allowed to say a word to him, not a word to him." The ladies asked her curiously, "Princess, is this man really not from the State of Yin?"? Is he a spy of the State of Zhao? "Yes," said Yin. Ladies of the court: "Since he is a spy, it's too cheap to lock him up. Why not kill him directly?" Yin only shook his head and did not say much. In this world, there are many things that are more unbearable than death. People who have not experienced it will not know how terrible this kind of imprisonment is. This spy from the state of Zhao made Yin's increasingly relaxed heartstrings tighten again. Why did Zhao send spies to the grassland at this time? Is this the only one? She didn't think it could be the only one. "You mean you suspect that Zhao has released a large number of spies in the grasslands?" Wo Tu heard Yin so say this in the tent in the evening. He didn't take it to heart. "This is my prairie," he said. "What's the use of a few little spies?" He is a very confident man,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but also very proud, really like a wolf, but this confidence in some cases will become an opportunity for his failure. prius-biotech.com

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