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An ancient corpse of ten thousand years Full-time Job

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The sound no longer answers the underworld. Ming Tian did not speak again, but lowered his head and thought about things. And Chizi also walked in silence, as if he had a heavy heart. Only Lin looked at this and that person from time to time, but sensible she did not raise her own questions. Back home, Sang came out with a smile and asked, "Have you seen Mr. Pig?" "Yes," said Ming Tian with a smile. "What do you want to know?" Ming Tian shook his head and said, "The pig teacher is not very clear, but he introduced us to the fish people to find his teacher." "Fish people?" Sang lost his voice and said, "Are you going to the Fish People?" The three of them looked at Sang strangely, wondering why he had lost his temper like that. Sang Gan explained with a laugh, "The fish people have a bad name.". They are very exclusive to outsiders, but they are very United to the inside. As long as someone gets into trouble with a fishman, they will come out and hunt each other in the divine world. Ming Tian nodded and said,Inflatable outdoor park, "This pig teacher has also warned us. Don't worry, Brother Sang.". We won't fight with them. If it really doesn't work. Let's go to the Southern Fire Protoss to find Teacher Lie. When Sang heard Ming Tian say this, he relaxed and said, "Oh, the Fire Protoss,large inflatable water slide, the Zhurong tribe.". Although they are a little hot-tempered, they are not so difficult to get along with. I suggest you go straight to the Fire Protoss and don't mess with the Fish People. The care of Sangdi moved Mingtian a little, and he was so kind to the passers-by he had just met, which showed the simplicity of the folkway here. "Don't worry, Brother Sang," said Ming Tian. "I'm going to have a try anyway. But I will not go to conflict with them, if the fish people stop, I will leave immediately. Sang could not resist the fate of the underworld. He sighed and said, "All right.". Take care of yourself. Thank you, Brother Sang. Brother Sang, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable meltdown, I think we're leaving now. "Now?" "Don't you have a night off?" Asked Sang Leng? It's getting dark. Why don't you go tomorrow? Ming Tian shook his head and said, "Ming Ye is related to my life experience. I'm really anxious to know about him." Sang saw that Ming Tian insisted, so he didn't ask much. Just tell them to be careful. After saying goodbye to the Sang family, the three of them took the White Tiger King out of the town and went directly to the north. The three men drove all night and did not meet any more pedestrians. When the sky was pale, Chizi proposed to find something to eat. "Do you still want to eat?" Asked Ming Tian. Chizi smiled awkwardly and said, "You zombies don't have to eat anything, but I haven't reached the realm of not eating fireworks yet.". Alas, I don't know if these people in the divine world all drink the northwest wind. I haven't seen them eat anything. They don't even have a kitchen. I've been hungry for two days, and now my stomach is crying badly. Ming Tian laughed and said, "Well, let's go and get some food together." Chizi shook his hand and said, "No, it's enough for me alone.". You and Xinran go on your way, and I'll catch an animal and catch up with you when I'm full. Ming Tian thought for a moment and said, "That's all right. You have to worry about yourself." Chi Zi patted Ming Tian on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Don't worry. Although I am poor in cultivation, I am more than enough to deal with these animals." "Well, take care of yourself." Ming Tian and Ji Xinran waved their hands to separate from Chizi, and they continued to walk north. Chizi, on the other hand, turned into the dense forest nearby, looking for the food he used to fill his stomach. Ming Tian and Ji Xinran took the White Tiger King to fly north for two days, and finally saw the big river that the pig teacher said. Originally, they thought that no matter how big the river was, it was only a river, but when they saw it with their own eyes, they realized that the so-called river was an endless ocean. The divine world actually calls the sea a river, and the underworld is really curious about what their sea will look like? Along the way, Ming Tian and White Tiger specially slowed down the speed, but Chizi never caught up. Ming Tian was not in the mood to take care of him, and Ji Xinran rushed over day and night. The two men searched along the river bank, not far away,Inflatable dry slide, and found a village built near the sea. In order to show respect for the wise man and the fish people, under the strong request of the underworld and the extreme dissatisfaction of Ji Xinran, they landed far away and walked to the fish people's village. joyshineinflatables.com

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