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[Blue Book of Medical Devices] Current Situation and Development Trend of Orthopaedic Implant Industry in China _ Market Full-time Job

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 Trauma In 2020, a total of 76 registration certificates were approved by NMPA,titanium sheet grade 5, including 74 domestic ones and 2 imported ones. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the growth rate of the trauma market, which is dominated by elective surgery, such as spine and joints, has slowed down significantly. Imported trauma showed a negative growth due to factors such as the third-level hospitals as the main line-ups for anti-epidemic and the purchase of trauma belts. In the domestic trauma market in 2020, imports accounted for 28%, with a growth rate of -5%; domestic products accounted for 72%, with a growth rate of 13%. In the future, degradable material solutions will be the main development direction of the trauma market. 2 The "Key Tasks for Deepening the Reform of Medical and Health System in the Second Half of 2020" issued in 2020 (No.25 issued by the State Office) put forward that some key varieties such as high-value medical consumables should be selected to implement the unique identification of medical devic es, so as to link up their codes in registration, sale and use, so as to make them unique. To realize the unified management of the production and circulation of medical device consumables. Since the publication of the Pilot Work Program of the Unique Identification System for Medical Devices National Health Commission in 2019, the pilot work of UDI in China has been officially launched. According to the current needs of medical and health reform, 69 varieties of 9 categories, including bone joint implants, spinal implants and joint replacement implants, were selected as the first batch of medical devices. Select 108 users and 116 production and operation enterprises including 23 orthopaedic enterprises such as Tianjin Zhengtian Medical Devices Co., titanium plate gr7 ,ti6al4v eli, Ltd., Shandong Weigao Haixing Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Beijing Aikang Yicheng Medical Devices Co and Dabo It can be predicted that with the construction of medical information and the improvement of day outpatient facilities, orthopaedic day surgery in China will enter a rapid development stage, and the corresponding home care and rehabilitation service market will further develop. Therefore, the field of orthopaedic medical devices needs to further improve the medical system of "prevention, treatment and health" to play a role in graded diagnosis and treatment. References [1] Xu Shufu, General Manager of Zhengtian Business Department of Beijing Natong Technology Group Co., Ltd., undergraduate; Li Renyao, General Manager of Small Orthopaedics Business Department of Beijing Natong Technology Group Co.,Titanium 6Al4V wire, Ltd., graduate. [2] China Development Report 2020: Development Trends and Policies of China's Aging Population [3] Publicly available information on OECD official website [4] National Medical Products Administration public information [5] "TheOrthopaedic Industry Annual Report 2020" back to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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